Quadram Institute Quadram Institute

Food-related illnesses are a worldwide problem, causing over 350 million deaths each year and costing the UK £5.1bn in direct health costs, with an estimated cost of £16bn to the wider economy annually.
Alongside other partners on the Norwich Research Park (NRP), UEA is working to change this. But we need your help.
We are building a new Centre, The Quadram Institute (QI), to further research and understanding into the relationship between diet and disease.
The Institute will draw together academics and researchers into gut health, microbes, and food and disease; in a space where they will work side-by-side with clinicians, who will investigate up to 40,000 gastroenterology patients every year.


Situated only 100m from the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, the building is set to encourage and facilitate an open and on-going dialogue between clinicians, patients, research scientists and academics. Scientists will come face-to-face with the people whose future lives they will transform.
In doing this, we can provide nutritional advice, develop optimal treatments, and advance fundamental research, transforming the lives of people in Norfolk, the UK and worldwide.
Our research will:
Explore how food components are absorbed, metabolised and excreted, and how they regulate physiological processes and metabolism.
Reveal how the interaction between food and gut microbes contributes to appetite control.
Determine how improvements in nutrition and gut health can slow the paths of ageing-associated diseases and prevent hospital admissions.


The Quadram Institute will house the following key elements:
Four floors of labs, clinical areas and social spaces designed to encourage the cross-fertilisation of ideas. 
Working accommodation for researchers, clinicians and support staff that will also welcome NHS patients and cohorts in the clinical diagnosis and trials areas. 
Space to accommodate approximately 300 active science workers. 
The UK’s largest gastrointestinal endoscopy facility for some 40,000 patient investigations each year, with 100 staff servicing the unit. 
Space designed to encourage commercial residency within the Centre, to attract pharmaceutical companies, which will significantly accelerate development of healthier food and innovative and therapies.

How can you help? How can you help?

We aim to raise £3m to enable construction, and a further £2m in support for the ground-breaking research activity within the Quadram Institute, in the form of post-graduate and post-doctoral research positions.
For more information, please contact David Ellis, Director of Development on +44 (0) 1603 591168 or at d.ellis1@uea.ac.uk.