Jim Harding (EAS 82) Jim Harding (EAS 82)

Jim contributes monthly to the Undergraduate Scholarships fund, and has previously given on a monthly basis to the Alumni Fund. 

"I was one of the 'guinea pigs' who enrolled with a few other so-called mature students in 1983 to study for a part-time degree in History and Landscape Archaeology. The day a week this afforded me free of teaching P.E. at Fakenham High School was wonderful, but my timing for the five-year challenge, rather less so. With a son of three and another on the way, it was not a quiet household.

"Being presented with my degree in 1987 was a very proud moment. The whole university experience has immeasurably influenced just about everything else I have achieved since. The support I have regularly given to the University of East Anglia is fairly minimal, but I know it is valued and well employed. Any extra benefits which my contribution provides for the current generation of students I reckon to be money well spent."