Our High Performance Computing Cluster (HPCC) provides the processing power you need for research.

Often referred to as ‘Supercomputers’, our systems can process your data faster than your desktop or laptop, freeing up your machines for other tasks. We benefit from a large scale 440 node HPCC equating to over 8000 CPU cores. The cluster also has a growing GPU infrastructure based around the NVIDIA Tesla K40 accelerator.

There are around 800 scientific applications currently installed on the HPCC. The most popular; Matlab, Stata, R, and Python are used by staff and students in all areas of the University.

Our sustainable research storage infrastructure supports demands for low cost, high density storage, high performance shared access to data and lifecycle management of research data. It is based on enterprise level SAN storage located in our data centres, with features including backups, snapshots and multi-platform access including from the HPCC.