UEA team support toolkit UEA team support toolkit

Congratulations for signing up to Green Impact!

This page will be a resource pack for your team to use, and to share ideas with other teams. Materials are under development and this page will be continuously updated.

Step 1: Launch support

  • Request a Green Impact Project Assistant
  • Arrange a Department/School briefing or launch event
  • Download the Green Impact poster

Green Impact Project Assistants

Over 30 students have been trained by the Risk and Sustainability Team and Jo Kemp from the National Union of Students.

These students can join your team and help in whatever capacity is useful. Some ideas include asking them to design and run events or promotional materials, to help project manage the Workbook and programme, or making the most of their enthusiasm to encourage cultural shift towards greener ways of working.

Other projects include undertaking surveys or data analysis. Contact Catrin Darsley to discuss how a Project Assistant could become a member of your team.

Department/School briefings and launch events

A great way to build your team or announce the Green Impact programme to your colleagues is to run a briefing or event. Contact Catrin to discuss how she can help you.

Download Green Impact posters

Posters have been designed to promote Green Impact in your School or Department. View our Dropbox file below to download, or contact Catrin to request the file to be emailed.

More materials will be provided throughout the year, and Green Impact team coordinators will receive notifications of new uploads.

Comments/ questions/ issues?

Please contact Catrin Darsley, Environmental Officer:

Email: c.darsley@uea.ac.uk

Phone: ext.3962

Request a Project Assistant



Request briefing/ launch event support



Download support materials (Dropbox)