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Green Impact helps staff teams across UEA's schools, departments and buildings to make UEA greener. Teams take up challenges to win awards at the end of the year, and improve the sustainability of their local area.

Students can become members of their School team, or can be trained up to support other teams.

Green Impact 2019-20

Green Impact has finished for 2019! Want to be a part of the challenge in 2019-20?

The 2019-20 toolkit is coming soon! Watch this space.

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Green Impact UEA's legacy

Green Impact statistics 2017-18: 14 teams, 22 awards, 54 trained students, 78 team members, 1455 staff covered by team actions, at least 26,040kg CO2 and £6984 saved!

Green Impact statistics 2016-17: 16 teams, 42 trained students, 72 team members, 1901 staff covered by team actions, 794 greening actions across the University

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What is Green Impact? What is Green Impact?

What is Green Impact?

The Norwich Business School Green Impact team, UEA, 2017

The Green Impact programme sees teams from across UEA challenge their School or Department to improve its sustainable credentials.

Teams are invited to join central campaigns, such as holiday shut-downs and awareness day events, and to support the whole University in becoming more fair and environmentally aware.

An online toolkit guides teams through a range of actions to an end of year celebration of achievements and the resulting awards. The Sustainability Team from Estates is on hand throughout the year to support teams and individuals to get the best results and share their stories across UEA.

Labs toolkit

The Green Impact programme includes a lab-specific option.

An online toolkit guides teams through a range of actions to support safe, sustainable and secure labs. UEA's Sustainability Team, including Matthew Bennett (Sustainable Laboratories Manager), provide advice and support for those taking part. The scheme also represents a Personal and Professional Development (PPD) opportunity for postgraduate students.

Support and student skill-building

Thirty-six students were trained during UEA Green Impact 2018-19, receiving official NUS and IEMA-accredited training to be Project Assistants and to audit the final Workbooks.

Get in touch with any questions and to take part in Green Impact 2019-20

Arrange a meeting with UEA's Sustainability Team, to find out how easy it will be for your School or Department to be involved.

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  1. When will the programme run? The 2019-20 programme will run August 2019 to March 2020.
    • 2020 Submission date: 12pm Friday 6th March
    • Audits: Wednesday 25th March
    • Awards Ceremony: Wednesday 10th June
  2. Who can enter? Anyone! Teams are best when they involve staff from across a wide range of building users, and the Sustainability Team can help promote your new team.
  3. I don't know much about green issues... does that matter? Definitely not! The workbook has a 'Going Green' section, which gives teams a simple starter for 10. It then develops from straightforward Bronze Award criteria to tougher Gold Award actions, and celebrates anything you are able to achieve!
  4. How much time do I need? Teams with an hour a week between them manage to achieve some really great results. The programme is flexible, so can fit around competing priorities across the academic year.
  5. Can I work with people in other teams? Each team receives their own award, but you can get points for collaborating with other teams on events or seminars.

Get in touch with any other questions!

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