The accommodation option with a green difference The accommodation option with a green difference

Every year, students interested in environmental and/or ethical issues can choose to live together in on-campus accommodation. The 2015-16 academic year has over 100 students as part of the Green Flats community.

As part of an immediate network of students with shared interests, residents get unique opportunities to take part in a number of events, competitions, special seminars, workshops and chances to engage with UEA's thriving community of green students.

Joining a Green Flat

This is only open to students when applying for on-campus accommodation at UEA. Please contact the Accommodation Team for more information.

Green Flats resident this year?

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What next?

As the network grows, UEA hopes to incorporate Green Flats into the private sector via the Homerun housing search. By helping to connect Green Flat and other interested students in finding places to live together off-campus, we can start to increase the benefits of UEA's sustainability message in the local community too.

Over the years the network has provided a number of CarbonCrew Student members, biodiversity and carbon-reduction volunteers across the University, and an Environmental Officer to the Student Union. What will 2016 bring?


Contact Catrin Darsley, Environmental Officer