We regularly publish books, academic articles, chapters, and reports on our research for prestigious and internationally leading presses.

Here is a selection of our recent publications, but please do take a look at our staff webpages for fuller lists.

Alexander Brown​
(2019) A. Brown and A. Sinclair: The Politics of Hate Speech Laws. Abingdon: Routledge.

(2017) A Theory of Legitimate Expectations for Public Administration, Oxford University Press.

(2015) Hate Speech Law: A Philosophical Examination, Routledge.​

Elizabeth Cobbett​
(2015) “Making the international in contemporary South Africa MasterCard’s Biometric Social Grant Card.” With Randall Germain) in Mark Salter (ed) Making Things International: Vol 1. Circulation, University of Minnesota.​

(2012) “Occupy Wall Street and International Political Economy: insights and implications.” Journal of Critical Globalization Studies, ‘Imperialism, Finance and Occupy’ 5:110-113. Press.​

Suzanne Doyle​
(2017) "A Foregone Conclusion? The United States, Britain and the Trident D5 Agreement." Journal of Strategic Studies, 40:6.​

(2017) "The United States’ Sale of Trident to Britain: Deal-making in the Anglo-American nuclear relationship." Diplomacy and Statecraft, 28:3.​

Delia Dumitrescu​
(2016) (eds.) Nonverbal Communication in Politics: Implications for Democratic Judgments and Discourse (with E.P. Bucy). Special issue in the American Behavioral Scientist, 60 (14):1651-1843​

(2017). "Up, close and personal: the new Front National visual strategy under Marine Le Pen." French Politics, 15(1), 1-26.​

Alan Finlayson​
(2017) "'What Is the Point of Parliamentary Debate?' Deliberation, Oratory, Opposition and Spectacle in the British House of Commons," Redescriptions, 20(1): 11-31.​

(2016) "'As Shakespeare so Memorably Said...': Quotation, Rhetoric, and the Performance of Politics." With Judi Atkins, Political Studies, 64(1): 164-181.​

Michael L. Frazer​
(2016) ‘Utopophobia as a Vocation: The Professional Ethics of Ideal and Nonideal Political Theory’, Social Philosophy and Policy.​

(2010) The Enlightenment of Sympathy: Justice and the Moral Sentiments in the Eighteenth Century and Today, Oxford University Press.​

Toby James​
(2020) Comparative Electoral Management: Performance, Networks and Instruments.  New York:Routledge

(2019) ‘Electoral Management and the Organisational Determinants of Electoral Integrity‘,
International Political Science Review, with Holly Ann Garnett, Leontine Loeber and Carolien van Ham, 40 (3) 295-312.

Lee Jarvis​
(2018) "Toward a vernacular security studies: origins, interlocutors, contributions and challenges," International Studies Review.​

(2017) "'I am somewhat puzzled': Questions, audiences and securitization in the proscription of terrorist organisations," with T. Legrand in Security Dialogue, 48(2): 149-167.​

Hussein Kassim​
(2017) "Bureaucratic Representation and the ‘Democratic Deficit’ of the European Commission," with Zuzana Murdoch and Sara Connolly, in Journal of European Public Policy.​

(2016) "'Supranationalism' in question: beliefs, values and the socializing power of the European Commission revisited," with Sara Connolly, in Public Administration.​

Lee Marsden​
(2018) Religion and International Security, Polity Press.​

(2014) "Faith-based Diplomacy: Conservative Evangelicals and the United States Military," Politics and Religion.​

Ra Mason​
(2017) "Djibouti and Beyond: Japan’s First Post-War Overseas Base and the Recalibration of Risk in Securing Enhanced Military Capabilities," Asian Security, September 2017.​

(2016) "Nationalism in Okinawa: Futenma and the Future of Base Politics," International Review of Ryukyuan and Okinawan Studies, February 2016.​

Adriana Sinclair
(Forthcoming 2020) "Why we should see international law as a structure: unpicking international law’s ontology and agency", International Relations.

(2019) A. Brown and A. Sinclair: The Politics of Hate Speech Laws. Abingdon: Routledge.

(2010) International Relations Theory and International Law: A Critical Approach, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press

John Turnpenny​
(2017) "The idea(s) of ‘valuing nature’: insights from the UK’s ecosystem services framework," with D.J. Russel, in Environmental Politics, 26 (6): 973-993,​

(2015) (eds.) The Tools of Policy Formulation: Actors, Capacities, Venues and Effects, with Andy Jordan, Edward Elgar Publishing.​

Eitan Tzelgov​
(2017) “Making embedded knowledge transparent: How the V-Dem dataset opens news vistas in civil society research,” with Michael Bernhard, Dong-Joon Jung, Michael Coppedge, and Staffan I Lindberg, in Perspectives on Politics, 15(2): 342-360.​

(2017) “Coalition Oversight and Blame Avoidance in Greece,” European Political Science Review 9(1): 95-114.​

Alex Williams​
(2015) Inventing the Future Postcapitalism and a World Without Work, with Nick Srnicek, Verso Books.​

(2015) “Control Societies and Platform Logic,” New Formations, 84-5 (Control Society special issue).