Philosophers at UEA contribute to many cutting-edge debates in contemporary analytical philosophy with their unique spin of sensitivity to both traditional philosophical concerns and the relevance of new methods and current empirical research.​

Philosophy of Language​

In the philosophy of language, we have a distinctive interest in the connections between traditional philosophical concerns, such as the relation between language and thought, and recent developments within linguistics, AI, and psycholinguistics as well as experimental philosophy and mathematical social science. This work exhibits a rich engagement with empirical work and more familiar philosophical theorising. The shared focus is a concern for the nature and reliability of language as a representational system.​

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UEA philosophers’ research has contributed to various issues in epistemology. As with the philosophy of language, many of these issues are approached with equal sensitivity to traditional philosophical concerns, such as normativity and justification, and the significance of empirical research for the familiar topics. Befitting such scope, our interests range from Plato to the most recent psychological findings.​

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20th Century Analytical Philosophy​

Researchers at UEA have a keen interest in a number of themes and figures of 20th century analytical philosophy, which are investigated in their own right and in association with other themes. These include the work of Chomsky and its impact on analytical philosophy, the role of logic as a tool of analysis, and the status of ‘ordinary language’ philosophy.​

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UEA philosophers have organised several conferences.

The eighth annual conference of the Experimental Philosophy Group UK (2017) explored the use of new empirical methods in areas including epistemology and the philosophies of mind and language, leading to the volume Methodological Advances in Experimental Philosophy (E. Fischer and M. Curtis, eds., forthcoming with Bloomsbury)

The Logic, Grammar & Meaning conference (2014) brought together philosophers, linguists, and logicians to seek common ground and ultimate differences in methods, topics, and underlying goals.

The Themes from Travis conference (2012) brought together leading philosophers of mind and language to discuss the work of Charles Travis, leading to the volume The Philosophy of Charles Travis: Language, Thought, & Perception (J. Collins and T. Dobler, eds., forthcoming with OUP).