We run a programme of events and public engagement activities including the highlights below:

We regularly team up with Cinema City to host public screenings related to our research. UEA philosophers introduce great movies with philosophical themes. Each film is followed by a Q&A session and then drinks in the bar, where discussion can continue further. No prior knowledge of philosophy required! ​

Normal cinema prices and concessions apply.​

To book tickets call Cinema City on 0871 902 5724 or visit the Cinema City website​.

"And what of doing evil in return for evil, which is the morality of the many - is that just or not?"​

—  the prisoner Socrates, in Plato's dialogue, Crito​

The Crito Project is an organisation whose purpose is to provide a degree-level education in philosophy, logic and ethics to inmates serving their sentences in the East of England. The Project has been active since 2013 and has expanded to the point where it is delivering education across three prisons. The Crito Project's academic provision is overseen and endorsed by the University of East Anglia's Philosophy Department.​

We believe that education is the most effective method of reform available to us as a society, and that it has the power to alter people's self-perception, their future, and the lives of those around them.​

Current education provision in our prisons comes to an abrupt halt at Level Two; the central premise of this project is that this arbitrary ceiling is having a limiting effect upon the efficacy of our prison system in achieving its central goal, namely the reform of those people within its institutions. This is not a small concern: the reduction of crime, and the wellbeing of many excluded members within our society, rest upon the efficacy of our prison system.​

The UEA Wittgenstein workshop is an international research seminar with a focus on Wittgenstein's philosophy broadly understood. This includes its background and influences, Wittgenstein's relation to his interlocutors, the reception of his philosophy and its relation to 20th century philosophers and philosophical movements, Wittgenstein's relation to and relevance for contemporary positions and debates in philosophy.​

The workshop meets several times per term, and is attended by our academic staff, Undergraduate and Postgraduate students. Generally anyone with an interest in Wittgenstein at UEA, or another HE institution, or with relevant interests and background is welcome to attend. Talks are given by invited speakers from the UK or overseas, our academic staff, and Postgraduate students.

Read more about the UEA Wittgenstien workshop.