The International Development* Ethics Committee has been set up to ensure that research conducted in international development meets generally accepted ethical principles and any legal requirements.​

In undertaking research overseas, we are often working in environments where both formal and informal institutional arrangements may make research participants particularly vulnerable, both with respect to defending their own personal integrity and position and also exposing them to the risk of repercussions from participation in the research. It is important that the safety and wellbeing of research participants and researchers are assured, that the researcher is aware of any possible ethical issues in carrying out the research and that steps have been taken to ensure that best practice is followed. On behalf of all researchers in International Development* at UEA, we have introduced a set of procedures to ensure that the University's guidelines in relation to the ethical conduct of research are followed. ​

​All research that involves primary data collection or the use of secondary data that contain personal or confidential/restricted information requires ethical clearance.

*As part of the celebration of our 50th anniversary, we are changing our name to the School of Global Development from 1 August 2023