“I enjoy seeing students become more than they thought they could be when they first arrived at university. I enjoy seeing their transition from students of engineering to engineers, embracing their role in the 21st century as drivers of change in the digital age, improving the quality of life for all and contributing to the management of climate change. “ Dr Kathryn Coventry, Senior Lecturer in Engineering.  

“I really enjoy the chance to work on many different and multidisciplinary projects, collaborating with amazing people and using a variety of cool techniques. Engineering is the skill set that can build anything you dream up in your head!  It is exciting and rewarding to invent and design things, develop or optimise processes and technologies to solve real world problems.”   Dr Sonia Melendi-Espina, Senior Lecturer in Engineering.

Examples of the work and activity that we are involved with, have included:

  • Collating staff and student feedback on equality and diversity matters via surveys.
  • Adding positive action wording and family-friendly and flexible working information to job vacancies.
  • Outreach in local schools and hosting interactive events in the department to promote studying engineering.
  • Holding unconscious bias training.
  • Conducting one Equality and Diversity Committee meeting per semester as an Open Meeting.
  • Sharing best practice at the Faculty Athena SWAN Steering Group and Central Athena SWAN Operational Group meetings.
  • Scheduling meetings within core hours (10am–4pm) wherever possible.
  • Launching the new Science wide induction programme for all staff.
  • Promoting and raising awareness of the Science Return to Work Career Development Fund.
  • Supporting students with information and guidance about progression to postgraduate study.
  • Monitoring data (e.g. numbers of students and staff, committee membership, seminar speakers by gender), identifying any issues and necessary action.
  • Taking part in and raising awareness of International Women’s Day each year. 
  • Using our social media to promote all our equality activities.
  • Celebrating International Women in Engineering Day (INWED).