Cultural Transmissions and Social Norms is an interdisciplinary workshop for researchers focusing on cultural transmission and social norms, at both macro level (cultural differences, historical change, cultural evolution) and micro level (experimental work, psychology of norms, social contexts). 

Participants come from a broad range of disciplines including economics, history, sociology and psychology. Organised by David Hugh-Jones.


Our goal is to make researchers aware of each others’ work and to encourage cross-fertilization of ideas between, among others: 

  • Experimental economists and psychologists studying norms in laboratory or field experiments 

  • Evolutionary theorists working on theories and models of cultural transmission of preferences, beliefs and skills

  • Economists studying the cultural roots of economic development 

  • Economic and social historians examining the culture of economic growth, the industrious revolution and the persistence of cultural traits through time

  • Sociologists studying normative conflict and the persistence of norms

  • Computer scientists using new techniques and data sources for the quantitative analysis of culture. 


Cultural Transmissions and Social Norms 1 was held in December 2016 at UEA. View the original programme

Cultural Transmissions and Social Norms 2 was held in December 2017.  It was co-organised by the UEA and the Max Planck Institute (Bonn) for Research into Collective Goods. View the programme

 Cultural Transmissions and Social Norms 3 was held in December 2018, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.