Teachers and Advisers FAQs

COVID-19 Advice and Guidance

FAQs updated 01.05.2020

Are there any virtual tours in place of the cancelled events?

The recruitment team are busy planning at the moment and creating lots of new exciting content that will be available online for students and teachers and advisers to access. As soon as we have concrete plans in place we will email all our contacts in schools and colleges and make this information available on our website. See our list of webinars for Year 13 students.

Have you had any indications whether any/some/all British universities might/will decide to request entrance or placement examinations (such as those used for the BMAT/LNAT, TSA, Maths and other specific subject tests) be taken in the summer if/when the Covid-19 situation might have regressed?

We have no plans to do so at this stage.

We will be launching the EPQ virtually. Is there a way of my students accessing UEA’s library resources to help with their EPQ?

Unfortunately students are not able to have electronic access to our resources. Even when people come into the building on a Visitor Day pass the online access that we provide is limited and would depend on the terms of our licensing agreements. However, there is an access to research service available via the Norfolk Public Libraries. 

Please note that to get full access to all that is available you need to be on a public library access terminal which we appreciate is not an option at this time but the link can still be used, although the full text results won't be shown.

Has there been any discussion regarding the UCAS predicted grades for Year 12 students? It may be challenging for schools to award reliable UCAS predicted grades as students won’t have undertaken the usual assessments at the end of Year 12 as they normally would.

We do appreciate it will be difficult for schools to allocate accurate predicted grades for the current Year 12 students. We will be putting procedures in place to ensure students are not penalised.

How will teachers make predicted grades if they don't have mock exams or as much interaction with Year 12 students to base grades on for 2021 entry applications?

UEA is already flexible around predicted grades, with exceptions for just a couple of courses (those being Medicine and Physiotherapy, where applicants need to be predicted to meet the entry requirements). We do appreciate it will be difficult for schools to make accurate predicted grades for Year 12 students. Please assume that we take a holistic view of applications received and already have well established processes in place to ensure applicants are treated fairly. 

Do UEA accept the IELTS indicator as an English language qualification?

Yes, we accept this test at UEA. The requirements are the same as our usual IELTS requirements which can be found in our admissions policy and we can confirm that we wouldn't require students to retake the IELTS when the test centres reopen.