Our student Law Society organises several competitions relevant to working in law and to most other careers.


Mooting takes the form of mock submissions to the court. Each team of two students represents one party to dispute and present the arguments as barristers would do in court. The competitions are judged by academics, local practitioners and judges. Students are also encouraged to take part in external moots where they compete against students from other universities.


Negotiation is a key skill in nearly every walk of life, and certainly for lawyers. There are beginner and advanced competitions and students compete in teams of two. The winners of each competition are awarded a week’s work experience with the regional office of an international law firm.


Client Interviewing is another very popular competition which enables our students to enhance their skills and get a feel for what it is like to be legal adviser. For those students who intend to volunteer for the Law Clinic activities this is also a great way of obtaining some practice. Volunteers play the parts of clients and teams of two more students interview them about their legal issues and provide advice. The final is judged at the London offices of of another international law firm.


Mediation is a particular type of negotiation, where the parties are assisted in reaching agreement by a skilled ‘mediator’. In this competition volunteer actors play the parts of the parties in dispute and the competitors other mediators and are judged on their skills in trying to help the parties to reach agreement to resolve the Issues.