Calling all alumni – can you help?

Each year, a dedicated team of students take to the phones to speak to UEA alumni and help raise money for the Difference Campaign. Last autumn’s campaign saw a truly remarkable £165,000 donated in just a few short weeks. 

Our generous alumni are helping to fund work including prostate cancer research that could soon be saving men’s lives, scholarships to help bring the brightest and best to UEA, and our UEA Enterprise Fund to support driven student and alumni entrepreneurs as they make their own difference in the world.

How you can get involved

Sadly, our Call Campaign won’t be running this year. However, you can still make a difference by supporting our work with an online donation.

Donate nowIf you're interested in becoming a student caller for future campaigns, please look out for announcements on MyCareerCentral where you will also find information on how to apply.

Contact us

Have a question about the Call Campaign? Please contact us at