What We Offer

The Gateway to Growth intern pool consists of graduates from a wide range of degree disciplines covering marketing, data, creative writing and more. Our short-term task force will rotate and expand as the Gateway to Growth initiative progresses. Our diverse team can help with a number of areas such as:


Marketing and Management

Let us help you grow your business by creating and implementing rewarding marketing strategies. Whether you are seeking website design, a copywriting job, or promotional videos, our project management skills ensure we achieve your established goals. We understand that each businesses needs are unique, and are prepared to develop tailored marketing plans that deliver your business objectives.


Social Media and Engagement

We want to help you grow your brand digitally and increase customer engagement both online and in person. Our interns can offer experience and support in many important areas such as public relations, social media audits, SEO, event management and crowdfunding campaigns. Our previous work has involved social media and outreach campaigns, where we have provided new perspectives and insight into diverse projects.


Data Analytics

Our team has a lot of experience when it comes to data, and can offer diverse methods that help you make better business decisions. We have knowledge with a range of analytical tools and software, so whether you want to understand consumer behaviour, drive product development or visualise and identify patterns, we have the skillset to help you do just that.


Market Research and Report Writing

Our combined research and writing skills will lay the groundwork to carry out meaningful market research for your business. We can offer quantitative research like surveys and website analytics, and qualitative research through insight interviews or case studies. Our findings can also be presented in a succinct report that caters to your needs, whether it be informational or analytical.

If you are interested in working with us, please express your interest by filling out this form. Alternatively, you can email info.gateway2growth@uea.ac.uk.