The Gateway to Growth intern pool consists of graduates from a wide-range of degree disciplines covering marketing, data and creative writing. Our short-term task force will rotate and expand as the Gateway to Growth initiative progresses.

  • Alfie - BSc Business Economics
    Alfie’s drive and meticulous ethos make him a valuable asset to the team invariably. As a Business Economics BSc graduate his background is primarily in data, but he prides himself on applying his multifaceted skillset to overcome challenges across the board.
  • Eva - MA Broadcast and Digital Journalism
    Eva is a Public Relations and Marketing graduate who recently completed her Master’s degree in Digital and Broadcast Journalism. She is a team player and her positive attitude and skills such as writing, social media copy and editing helps the team achieve our goals.
  • Sophie - BSc Psychology
    Sophie is a 2020 UEA graduate with a BSc in Psychology. Her academic background has provided her with extensive knowledge in both qualitative and quantitative research design and analysis. Through continuous collaboration on research projects throughout her degree, she has developed a keen eye for detail and critical thinking. Sophie is looking forward to putting these skills to good use while also learning something new from her fellow interns and also from you!
  • Zara - BSc Environmental Science
    After graduating with a degree in Environmental Science, Zara is keen to apply her research and analytical capabilities in a working environment. She holds an interest in sustainability and is excited to work with likeminded businesses looking to drive forward green innovation. In addition, Zara is also keen to develop skills in marketing and videography, exploring beyond her degree and working across different sectors.