Be a part of the project Be a part of the project

Be part of the project

We want the whole University community to feel part of the Creating Headroom Project and will be making it easy for everyone to feed in their ideas and suggestions. If you have any suggestions for how we might improve our cost efficiency; generate previously untapped income; or streamline our processes please do contact us.

How you can get involved now

We want to encourage a culture that seeks efficiency, a culture that wonders whether resources are being utilised in the most effective way and that looks to share great ideas with colleagues for the betterment of the University as a whole.

We would encourage you to consider what changes you can make in your immediate working environment, with the team of people you work with every day. The Creating Headroom Project will be supporting some large institution wide initiatives, but changes within a single team or across departments can lead to big improvements in efficiency too.

Ensuring good ideas are shared

Many members of staff are already sharing good practice and thinking about how processes could be further improved. We would be very keen to hear what process improvements you have been involved in so that we can celebrate our achievements on our dedicated projects page and ensure that good ideas are shared with other departments who may well want to adopt them.

Contact us

We want to hear from you regarding any thoughts, questions or comments you may have about the project. Get in touch.