What is the Creating Headroom Project? What is the Creating Headroom Project?


The Creating Headroom project is designed to unleash the imagination of the whole university community to find effective and efficient ways of creating value for money, undertaking process transformations and making savings.

UEA was named number one in the Times Higher Education Student Experience Survey 2013. In order to continue to provide an excellent student experience the university must understand the changing Higher Education funding environment. Universities across the UK are beginning to understand that Higher Education has become increasingly market orientated. Universities have responded to this by placing efficiency high on their agendas as they seek to provide an even greater student experience with less resource.

Creating Headroom is UEA’s exciting approach to doing more with less and creating efficiencies. We are engaging with the entire community to hear and share ideas and projects that will make a real difference at the university.


We aim to enhance the effectiveness of what we are delivering across all of our activities.

We are listening to your insights into how we can best undertake process transformations and be more efficient and effective in what we do.

We want to encourage anyone with an idea to get involved. Any resource or savings made will strengthen the financial footing of the institution and allow the university to reinvest in important initiatives and infrastructure projects.


The Creating Headroom Project has already undertaken projects and is working on some right now. Ideas sent in by members of the university community have already provided savings the university can utilise to make important improvements to the campus. We hope with your participation we can increase the amount of successful projects and make a real difference both now and in years to come.

We want to encourage cultural ingenuity and creativity aimed towards improving the effectiveness of the university and the way we operate on a day to day basis.

The money saved through the project will be reinvested in enhancing teaching, learning and research provisions, including building new facilities and refurbishing older ones. This will enable us to continue to build on our recent student experience successes.

How you can help

We want as many colleagues as possible to share their insights and ideas. Visit the Getting Involved page; here you can see ways in which you can be part of the Creating Headroom Project. Creating Headroom believe the University community can provide valuable insight and ideas to help UEA continue to provide an excellent student experience.

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