If you have lost your degree certificate we can provide you with a replacement. Please note that a charge, which is payable in advance, applies.


How to obtain a replacement certificate

Please note that we are only able to issue a replacement for a certificate originally issued by the University of East Anglia. If you obtained your original certificate at another University you should contact them directly to obtain a replacement.

If you undertook your course at a Partner College, please see our UEA Partner Colleges page.

If you have had your degree, certificate or diploma conferred, either in person or in absentia (by post), by the University of East Anglia and have lost the certificate (parchment), we are able to provide you with a certified replacement copy. There is a charge, payable in advance, for this service (please see our Document Costs and Delivery Charges page for further details).  Please note that if you require a replacement of more than one certificate (e.g. you need replacement certificates for both undergraduate and postgraduate courses), the charge applies to each certificate.

It is the University's policy to only issue replacement certificates on request from graduates and we will not provide copies of a certificate directly to a third party without the graduate's consent to do so.

We are normally able to issue the replacement parchments within approximately 10 working days of receipt of payment. Unless otherwise requested, parchments are posted via first class post (for UK addresses) or via International Standard (for International Addresses) free of charge. For information regarding further delivery options please see our Special Delivery Options page for further details.


Details required

If you are contacting us by phone, we will ask you for the following information to enable us to locate your record. Otherwise, please send us an e-mail providing the following details:

  1. Your full name (if your name has changed since you were registered at the University, please give both your current and previous names)
  2. Your date of birth
  3. Your School of Studies, year of graduation and/or years you attended the University
  4. A telephone number and/or e-mail address on which we can contact you if we have any queries
  5. Your current postal address
  6. Full details and the relevant address(es) and requirements if you would like us to issue the certificate directly to another person or organisation