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UEA to provide new home for Institute for Volunteering Research

The University of East Anglia (UEA) and the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) have announced that the Institute for Volunteering Research (IVR) is to move to the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences on campus when the new academic year begins in September.

NCVO is handing over the institute’s name and intellectual property to the university. Its extensive evidence bank from over twenty years’ previous work has recently been made freely available on the British Library Social Welfare Portal.

The IVR was set up in 1997 to undertake high quality research on volunteering. It started out as a department of Volunteering England in 1997, and in 2013 it became part of the research department of NCVO. During the last twenty years, IVR has played a leading role in applied volunteering research involving volunteer organisations, the public sector, private sector and the government.

NCVO and UEA share an aspiration to ensure high quality research into volunteering, and to ensure their research makes a real difference to the people it affects. Future collaborations between the UEA and NCVO are planned in knowledge transfer and engagement as well as in specific research, for example, on volunteering in public services.

The new home for the IVR in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (FMH) helps flag the notable contribution of millions of volunteers in today’s health and social services in the UK.

Karl Wilding, director of public policy and volunteering at NCVO, said: “The work of IVR has long had a strong academic component and we knew that it was important to many in the research community to ensure that its name and previous work was maintained and taken forward.

“NCVO’s significant investment in volunteering research will continue to focus on informing policy and practice, such as with our recent Time Well Spent study, which we know is already shaping volunteer managers’ strategies.

“I’m anticipating a productive, symbiotic partnership with UEA wherein we help their renowned researchers understand practitioners’ perspectives and they are able to help us understand the academic research agenda.”

Dylan Edwards, Pro-Vice Chancellor for the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences said: “We are delighted that the Institute of Volunteering Research is coming to UEA. We believe this will greatly strengthen the impact of our research for the millions of individuals and communities who are involved in and affected by volunteering. We welcome this opportunity to continue this valuable collaboration with NCVO.”