UEA asks ‘Is the Boat Full’?

Boat full of people

The University of East Anglia (UEA) is holding a free public meeting on Thursday 11 May to discuss the question “Is the Boat Full?”, looking at the relationship between immigration, austerity, inequalities and political attitudes.

“The event is a follow-up on the very successful ‘Breaking Away, Not Breaking Apart’ debate we held last September discussing the post-referendum rise in racist threats and violence,” said Ulrike Theuerkauf, UEA Lecturer in Politics and International Development at the School of International Development (DEV). “This time we will explore these important relationships, which are already playing a role in the General Election campaigns, and hope to welcome as many people from beyond the campus as possible to join the discussion.”

The evening begins with refreshments from 4.30-5pm in front of Lecture Theatre 1 at UEA. Alan Waters, Chair of Norwich City Council, will then chair the debate, which starts at 5pm in Lecture Theatre 4. Guest speakers are Dr Wanda Wyporska, Executive Director of the Equality Trust, who will discuss patterns of immigration, austerity and inequalities in the UK over the last decades; Dr Chris Skedgel, Senior Lecturer in Applied Health Economics at Norwich Medical School, who will discuss the effects of immigration and austerity on the NHS, and Julie Inns, Equality and Diversity Manager at Norfolk Constabulary, who will discuss how immigration and austerity have affected both inter-group relations and the work of the police in Norfolk.

For further details or to register for the event, go to the UEA website