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Expert alert: Public behaviour and easing of lockdown restrictions

Ahead of an expected announcement on lockdown restrictions on Sunday Dr Sheheryar Banuri at the University of East Anglia says the government needs to be prepared to enforce any rule breaches should they ease conditions.

Dr Banuri, a behavioural economist, said: “We are all keen to go back to ‘normal’, this means that it is unlikely that people will adhere to rules without significant oversight. The urge to return to pre-lockdown conditions is strong, and coupled with inherent optimism, all indicators point to lockdown alleviation in an extremely cautious and phased manner. Moreover, the government must stand ready to enforce any rule breaches to ensure compliance during this sensitive period.”

Dr Banuri can talk about behavioural implications of COVID and related policies, how we as individuals are coping, and how we have reacted, and will react to changes in policy, and why we would do so.

Prompted by the coronavirus crisis he has just published a guide, ‘Good Decisions for Strange Situations’, on how to make good decisions in difficult situations.