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Academic launches ‘Chopping Board Economics’ initiative

Cartels and chicken paprika, inequality and meatballs, trade and goulash. They may not seem related, but an academic at the University of East Anglia (UEA) is combining his love of cooking with economics in a bid to highlight the importance of the subject to a wider audience.

Dr Peter Ormosi, a senior lecturer in competition economics at UEA’s Norwich Business School, has produced a series of short videos for a new channel he is launching today on YouTube called Chopping Board Economics.

As well as helping new undergraduate students to develop an interest in economics, his aim is to show how relevant it is to everyday life.

In his first five videos, Dr Ormosi explains the economics around food waste, the ‘Ikea effect’, inequality, trade and cartels.

Dr Ormosi, aka the Chopping Board Economist, said the idea started as a book combining economics and cooking, but he realised it would work better as a series of videos.

“With this channel, I take economics off the blackboard and put it instead on the hypothetical chopping board, in order to give it to people whose lives could be transformed by it,” said Dr Ormosi. “Hopefully it will inspire people to take an interest in the subject and show how the study of economics can benefit all.

“I’d like to show people that economics is quite cool, and we will all be in situations in our lives where we would find it helpful. I’m trying to cover topics that have something to do with economics, but are also topical and part of current public debates, to make sure they are as accessible and relevant to as many people as possible.”

Dr Ormosi plans to produce more videos in the coming months, with the price of food, sugar tax, and competition among the topics he is hoping to cover in a culinary style.

He added: “I love cooking but I am no professional chef or food writer, so I’m sure there are people out there who could give me some cooking tips!”

The Chopping Board Economics channel can be viewed at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCy4c9qJAd-MW3FuI-qlGeyA

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