Agricultural Hall Plain

NFnrNOR001 Boer War Memorial, 1904 G.E. Wade II, Bronze of Peace restored by Eura Conservation Ltd, 1988-89

NFnrNOR002 Former Crown Bank (later Post Office and Hardwick House) architectural sculpture, by P.C.Hardwick for Sir Robert Harvey, Bath stone1866 II

NFnrNOR004 Barn Rd. roundabout near the bridge over the Wensum, painted steel sculpture by Peter Hide has been restored NMAS

NFnrNOR005 Ber St., Brook Place, decorative cast-iron railings, c 2000

NFnrNOR006 125 Jolly Butchers, Ber Street Gates, with concrete mural showing city gates by J. Moray-Smith, 1937 II

NFnrNOR007 34-36 Bethel Street The Old Skating Rink Gallery, Indian doorways on wall to right of entrance

NFnrNOR008 Castle Gardens, Cast iron Railings on stone plinth to west of lodges to bridge over moat, 1825, Dixons and sons, Norwich, (T.J. Bramah, P) II

NFnrNOR009 Moat, Sea Form, Barbara Hepworth, 1964, purchased by Norfolk Museums

NFnrNOR010 Monument to Daedalus, Jonathan Clarke, 1993, in Castle Mall Garden created by Livingstone Eyre as part of Castle Mall development.

NFnrNOR011 Parrot Head, Bernard Reynolds, both purchased by NCAS, property of Norfolk Museums Service


NFnrNOR12 St Ethelbert’s Gate, ca 1316 Grade I

NFnrNOR013 Erpingham Gate, 1420, restored 19 scheduled as ancient monument Grade I

NFnrNOR014 St Benedict, David Holgate, 2000; Mother Julian, David Holgate, 2000 Close

NFnrNOR015 Mother Juliam, David Holgate, 2000

NFnrNOR016 Nelson, 1847 by Thomas Milnes, erected market place 1854, by public subscription, moved 13 January 1937 (Plunkett) II

NFnrNOR017 Wellington, George Adams, by public subscription 1854 as Nelson II

NFnrNOR018 Sculpture of Mother and Child, bronze by George Fullard

NFnrNOR019 Mother and Child by Naomi Blake, stone

NFnrNOR020 Block of Stone from the people of Caen commemorating their link with Norwich Cathedral, 1096-1996

Entrance to Castle Mall and Castle Museum

NFnrNOR021 Plaques Berman and Sterling ca. 2000

NFnrNOR022 Castle Mall, Gurney Clock

NFnrNOR023 Chapelfield Mall installation by Gina Woods

NFnrNOR024 Spire September 2005 Rob Olins, manufactured by Chapel Allen Dawson. Stainless Steel and LED Lighting. The semi-transparent ovoid is invisibly suspended within a stainless steel frame A stainless steel mesh, creates ever-changing moiré patterns, provides the spiral design of the outer framework and core of the spire, which has been designed to reflect the movement of people in and around the city and the Chapelfield quarter. Stainless steel has been used to reflect he sky during the day giving a feel of lightness and will be illuminated at night with the capability to provide a gentle sense of movement and colour change to celebrate special occasions in the year. Press release by Lend Lease, Capital Shopping Centres

NFnrNOR025 Chapelfield Commissions from NCAS to Mark Goldsworthy, Will Kemp and his men

NFnrNOR026 Peace marker 50th anniversary of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, 8 & 9 June 1945, set up 26 June 1984

NFnrNOR027 Chapelfield North, St Mary’s Croft, 1881, architectural sculpture above doorway II

NFnrNOR028 Colegate, Corner of St George, Drinking Fountain

NFnrNOR029 Old Meeting House, Sundial

NFnrNOR030 Dereham Rd., city cemetery, armed Science by John Bell, 1878 in Doulton terracotta, a version of a marble statue of 1855, memorial to soldiers dying at Norwich Barracks, unveiled by Lord Waveney, 17.10.1878 (Plunkett)

NFnrNOR032 Duke St., Former Norwich School Board, 1888, by the Norwich School Board as a higher grade or municipal secondary school still stands at the corner of Colegate; it is now put to other educational uses (Plunkett)

NFnrNOR033 Earlham Rd., Plantation Garden, Fountain, the first part of the garden to be completed by Trevor Henry, included a brick dated 1857 (Adams)

NFnrNOR034 Earlham Rd. shopping Centre, on grounds of Earlham house, seen in Plunkett’s photo of 2 October 1960. Designed by Chaplin & Burgoine, 1961, Matthew Frere-Smith

NFnrNOR035 Eaton Park, Iron work to the Yacht Pavilion, designed by Trevor Broome manufactured by Jo Read (Old Anvil Blacksmiths, Woodton) date of installation May 2004

NFnrNOR036 Rose Garden Fountain tiling Jonathan Keep executed by City Care, 2000

NFnrNOR037 Entrance on south Park Avenue, piers and gates, 1924-8, Sandys Winsch, II, formally opened by H.R.H Edward, Prince of Wales, 30 May 1928, Plunkett

NFnrNOR038 Exchange St., Chamberlain’s Buildings, 1872 Pediment

NFnrNOR039 Norfolk House, 1951 by Alec Wright, Coat of arms topped by sculpture showing a wherry, by Fletcher Watson ‘fishing’ inscription, one of the first new buildings to go up in city after war

NFnrNOR040 Golden Ball St and Rouen Rd., Prospect House, Untitled by Bernard Meadows, 1969, in front of Prospect House, new building for Eastern County Newspapers, 1970 by Yates, Cook and Darbyshire

NFnrNOR041 Guildhall, East end, rebuilt 1511-35, clock turret added 1850 by Robert Kerr, under coats of arms, I

NFnrNOR042 Victorian Drinking fountain

NFnrNOR043 Doorway on SW, removed in 1857 from between 57 and 59 London St for widening. House of John Bassingham, a goldsmith, in reign of Henry VIII. Bought for £12 by William Wilde, above arms of Henry VII, the Goldsmiths Company and City of Norwich, now cannot be made out. (Kent 88)

NFnrNOR044 angels above doorway on sw

NFnrNOR045 Hardy Rd., Laurence, Scott & Electromotors, Plaque at entrance

NFnrNOR046 Hay Hill, Sir Thomas Browne by Henry Pegram, 1905 II, Perhaps the greatest change here in recent times took place in 1972 when the garden and lawn surrounding Sir Thomas Browne’s statue were replaced by a paved concourse with seats and a “water feature”. The pleached lime trees that had formed an effective screen to a nineteenth-century warehouse had earlier been cut down, other trees being planted instead on the north side flanking St Peter Mancroft churchyard. (Plunkett)

NFnrNOR047 1 Haymarket, Now Pret a Manger, architectural ornament on Skipper building, dated 1902, Kellys Directory of Norfolk, 1904 p 310 Haymarket Chambers, J.H Roofe Grocers with Norwich Stock Exchange on first floor, Knights 46 and 92 Jolley

NFnrNOR048 Heigham Park, Sunflower gates, Thomas Jeckyll, from Chapelfield Gardens

NFnrNOR049 Seating at Heigham Park by Betina Furnee, Cast Stone, Portland Stone, Seat Design with Ali Dore and Norwich City Council 2001 by Dolphin building, bridge over Wensum and maze, part of Marriot’s way

King St

NFnrNOR053 168 Carved wooden bressumer to Princes Inn (early 16th to judge from grotesque)formerly Ship Inn, II The finely carved lintel above bears a design of foliage together with the rather contradictory inscription “Princes In”; it is believed that this was brought here at some time from the famous inn of that name, first mentioned in 1391, which once stood in St George Tombland parish on the north side of Princes Street. Previously owned by Youngs, Crawshay and Youngs, who maintained the buildings in good condition, they were acquired by the City Council in 1959. Five years later No 182, a tall Victorian house, and Nos 170-180 (dated 1632) were converted into three flats and five cottages, and at the same time what was described as “an accretion of old rubbish” at the back (sculleries, sheds nd outhouses) was removed and some extra land added to the gardens. In 1970 the public house itself was similarly acquired and converted into two dwellings. (Plunkett)

NFnrNOR054 London St., No. 7 (Jarrolds) Skipper’s Offices of 1896 date of move from Opie street, incorporated into store, also by Skipper, 1903-5 II, Office perhaps re-used older building six Cosseyware terracotta relief 90panels by Guntons which show Skipper and clinets looking at plans and looking at architectural ornament. but also Daily /standard Offices of 1899, N.U. of 1901 and Commercial chambers also 1901 Other reliefs show carpenters, smiths, brick layers and decorative plasters (Jolly, 14, Knights 37 & 90)

NFnrNOR055 No. 30 London and Provincial Bank, Skipper 1907 Portland stone, II (Knights 55) note that H.C. Fehr responsible fpr sttuary in bronze nd marbel for Skipper(Jolley 19)

NFnrNOR056 Royal Arcade, by Skipper, 1899, faience by W.J.Neatby, II* Knights, 91, Jolley13 Neatby in charge of Doulton’s terracotta works in Lambeth, very similar tiling in the Everard building Bristol of 1901

NFnrNOR058 16-18 Gentleman’s walk Lloyds Bank, by H. Munro Cautley, 1927-8 (Lloyds Bank)

NFnrNOR059 Mountergate, Hotel Nelson, (Swallow Hotels and Inns) Property Partnerships PLC, Bronze figure of girl in water, wearing a hat and carrying sandles, titled the Wader, in specially designed poll in riverside gardens of hotel Nelson, norwich Colin Miller 23 July 1987, 6 pencils, nolk.

NFnrNOR060 Pencil kinetic sculpture to celebrate extension of hotel in 3rd June 1996, Peter Logan, Property Partnerships PLC, 6 pencils, bottom one 3 metres, overall 6 metres, circualr base 310 cms in diameter, 30 cms H. small railings

NFnrNOR061 Newmarket Road, Former Norfolk and Norwich Hospital, Formerly, (owned by Norwich city council now by Persimmon Homes) Mother and Child by Sir J. Boehm, 1874

Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital NHS Trust

NFnrNOR062 Bird Flight, Ros Newman, NCAS commission, design selected 22-Dec-2003, funded by Octagon and SERCo, proposed inst. 8-May-2005

*NFnrNOR064 Leaves, 2001, unv. 14-Oct-2003 (same time as Helios). Colossal steel sculpture for the East atrium by Sokari Douglas Camp. Five branches hang from white columns in the atrium that Camp thinks of as tree trunks.

*NFnrNOR171 Two bronze busts on marble pedestals in the East Atrium, Level 2. Both portray surgeons: Hugh Phillips (signed GMR 2006, H 39 cm x W 19 cm x D 23 cm; fossil limestone plinth H 128 cm x W 24 cm X D 24 cm) and Kenneth McKee (Miriam McKee 1988, H 40 cm x W 25 cm x D 25 cm, green marble plinth: H 120 cm x W 30 cm x D 30 cm). NB. This will be added to shortly with other busts currently stored. Emma Jarvis to keep us updated on the changing displays

NFnrNOR172 The Family Group by Alexandros Alwyn, bronze semi-abstract (H 140 cm x W 37 cm x D 22 cm), Level 2 East Atrium. Plinth by Perfitts in soft green granite (H 56 cm x W 45 cm x D 42 cm), constrn. 2001-2, inst. 8-Oct-2002

NFnrNOR189 Birds, by Ros Newman, in a perspex box attached to wall of the East Atrium Level 2 (H 40 cm x W 33.5 cm x D 29 cm)

NFnrNOR174 Bust of Edward VII, West Atrium, ground floor (Hospital has no records), commemorates his laying of the foundation stone 25-Oct-1909. Inscription on back of socle: A. BRUCE JOY Sc. Worn insignia needs identifying. East Atrium (Bronze bust: H 75 cm x W 68 cm x D 34 cm; green marble plinth: H 123 cm x W 37 cm x d 37 cm)

NFnrNOR175 Helios, 2001, unv. 14-Oct-2003 (same time as Leaves), by Keith McCarter ( Large steel abstract (H 2 m x D 81 cm x W 2m) on blue granite plinth (H 55 cm x L 284 cm x D 164 cm). Design selected 30-Apr-2003, blue lighting inst 2002. Outside entrance to the West Atrium

*NFnrNOR176 Untitled [half figure] by Jamie Sargeant (, inst. 2003? 1989? late 1990s? (check with Emma Jarvis), courtyard of East Out-patients, wood carving on log plinth

NFnrNOR065 6 Opie St. Statue of Amelia Opie, E.E.N, 11 May 1956,: AO now stands in stone on top of premises now being prepared for the Leicester Permanent Building Society. A Norwich architect, Mr J. P. Chaplin, prepared the plans and drew the sketches from which Mr Z. Leon, another Norwich man, carved the figure of Mrs Opie. From the wooden figure a Cambridge firm made a mould and then cast the statue in artificial stonecarved in wood by Z. Leon,, info from Jonathan Plunkett

NFnrNOR066 Plaque with sedan

NFnrNOR067 8 Orford Place, former private 18th house, with 17th rear, later converted to shops, Stag 1883 replaced 1984 with fibreglass sign for gunsmiths II

NFnrNOR068 Palace Plain, Memorial to Cotman with relief bust (not shown in photograph in Kent p.116)

NFnrNOR069 Patcheys Corner, opposite Cow tower on River Wensum, Mast of Ferry to mark site where ferries built, see watercolours by John Thirtle (erected by volunteers from Norwich Society in 1977 (Anderson, 04 92)

NFnrNOR070 Pottergate, 104 Plaque with bronze bust of Joseph Kinghorn, Methodist Minister by M.A. Miller 1936

NFnrNOR071 2 Prince of Wales Road, Stainless steel sphere enclosed in tridactylous capsule fibreglass, by Emiel Hartman installed on extension to Norwich Union Building, Spring 1967 (N.U. Magazine, Spring, 1967 27-29) perhaps to symbolise strength and protection

NFnrNOR072 Princes St., Garsett House, 1589 relief showing ship and inscription Armada House (launched 1588) II, The surviving bracket has carved upon it the date 1589, the year after the Spanish Armada, an event commemorated by a plaque depicting a galleon, moulded in plaster, on the modern south gable wall. This is a timber-framed building of three storeys, each upper floor having a considerable overhang, with the top floor supported at its northwest angle by an ornately carved wooden bracket. That formerly supporting the first floor was unfortunately cut away at some time unknown, but in 1946, when some replastering became necessary, the great corner post from which it projected was brought to view, together with remains of Tudor windows.This wall had had to be built up when in 1898 part of the south wing was cut away to permit the construction of a road taking the new tramway line from Bank Plain and Redwell Street into St Andrew’s (Plunkett)

NFnrNOR073 18 Queen St. four reliefs to commemorate new build by Woolwich Building Society, mid 1950s, not mentioned in Kelly’s 1952 p.234, but by 1958, p. 240

NFnrNOR074 Red Lion St., 11 (now Nationwide) Architectural sculpture terracotta by Doulton’s of Lambeth on Commercial Chambers Skipper, 1903 II, built for Mr Charles Larking an accountant (n.b NRO 5254 for documents Knights 48)

NFnrNOR075 23 Anchor building, first mentioned as Anchor Buildings in Kelly’s 1924 p.151, roundels show BS intertwined (Bullard and Sons), anchor based on that at Bullards brewery, Westwick St.

NFnrNOR076 Riverside, Norwich Station, Bust to Sir Samuel Morton Peto (1808-1889) Baptist, Contractor, Politician and Philanthopist.

NFnrNOR077 besides Novi Sad bridge, two stainless steel pylons with detailed info on former Boulton and Paul works (Andy Gibbs)

NFnrNOR078 Rosary Rd. Cemetery, laid out in 1819 promoted by Rev. Thomas Drummond, recognised by the Bishop in 1821

NFnrNOR080 Riverside, back of Adam and Eve, Red painted steel commission for Millennium(?)

NFnrNOR082 St Faith’s Lane, Gateway to the James Stuart garden on St Faith’s lane, opened July 1922. designed by Boardman and sons, inscription a legacy from Laura Elizabeth Stuart (nee Colman), the city’s first J.P. Construction delayed due to war (Plunkett)

NFnrNOR083 St George’s St., Wall sculpture dated 2000

St Giles St

NFnrNOR084 No. 7 formerly Norfolk Daily Standard, by Skipper, 1900 with reliefs of Caxton and Defoe, yellow ochre terracotta II, Knights 45-6, 91

NFnrNOR085 41-43 Built for Norwich and London Accident Assurance, retained some of the earlier buildings, only façade by Skipper, with later 20th 1906 II, Knights 59-61 Monks pearl and portland stone

NFnrNOR086 47 Masonic Hall by Albert Havers, 1907 St Peter’s street

NFnrNOR088 St Mary’s Works, H.Sexton and sons founded in

NFnrNOR089 City Hall Heraldic Lions, Alfred Hardiman, 1936, installed 1938, flight of stone steps lead up to the main entrance to City Hall from St. Peters Street. It is flanked by Ketton stone podiums topped by a pair of stylised bronze lions from the city’s coat of arms, sculpted by Alfred Hardiman, whose signature can be spotted on each of the lions. One of these lions had been exhibited by Hardiman at the British Empire Exhibition of 1936. The architects of the City Hall (James and Rowland Pierce) had seen it there and commissioned its twin.

NFnrNOR090 Bronze doors, designed and sculpted by James Woodford and executed by J. Starkie Gardner Ltd. of Putney The three pairs of bronze doors leading into the entrance ha ll contain 18 plaques. The two outer entrances have relief panels illustrating trades connected with the City; chocolate; mustard; agriculture (two plaques); boots and shoes; aeroplanes; brewing; soda-water syphon filling; silk looms; wine bottling; wire netting and the construction of City Hall. The six plaques on the central doors illustrate the City’s history.

NFnrNOR091 Figures by Alfred Hardiman. These depict ‘Recreation’,‘Wisdom’ and ‘Education’

NFnrNOR092 Rates Doorway, Bethel Street Above the entrance to the Rates Hall is a stone relief panel depicting the arms and supporters above it (by Eric Aumonier, who was also responsible for sculptures at London’s underground stations during the 1930s)

NFnrNOR093 The former entrance to the Police Station has an ornate bronze lantern above it and relief stone panels depicting police helmets, sculpted by H. Wilson Parker.

NFnrNOR094 memorial gardens by C.H. James and S.R. Pierce, 1938 II

NFnrNOR096 St Stephens, new gates and railings by Wolfgang and Heron as part of Chapelfield development, 2005, Steel, primed and powder coated manufactured by variety of fabricators

NFnrNOR097 9 St Stephens Road, Coachmakers Arms, by J Moray-Smith, 1937

NFnrNOR098 Surrey St., Surrey House, Norwich Union Building by Skipper, 1901-06, I, doorway with relief showing ‘handshake’ fire insurance mark. forecourt wall and balustrade, II (Knights 50-53, 92) Clipsham stone Jolley 18-19 notes that Union had recently acquired site opposite old building for life offices from girls’ school. S won competition, instructions included that should have little rich ornament. Sir Samuel Bignold, Secretary of both life and Fire Offices, 1835-75, son of Thomas founder in 1808, Portland Sto William Talbot, Bishop of Oxford, L. Chavalliaud, 1904, founder of the Amicable in 1798 Portland stone

NFnrNOR099 Forecourt of Norwich Union building

NFnrNOR101 No 9 Surrey St., forecourt iron railings 1833 (hollow gatepieces with lattice panels, lekythos finials

NFnrNOR102 Outside Norwich Union Sentinel Building, Gaea, by Colin Miller, 1990

NFnrNOR103 Swan Lane, Swan above Dipples, said to be sign of Swan Inn. Mason 1852, p. 83 under licensed victuallers, Edward Tuddenham, Swan Lane. Said to have ben run for time by Jem Mace, bare knuckle world champion in 1862 (Pardue, 115) Not mentioned in Eyre, 1883, 185 and by 1900 Dipples, Kelly’s 318

NFnrNOR104 Theatre St, Assembly House, Putto James Woodford

NFnrNOR105 Tombland, Monument to Edith Cavell, EDP 18 August 2005 (clean-up urged by close residents) II

NFnrNOR106 Gurney obelisk and drinking fountain, 1861 by John Bell, 12 ft granite

NFnrNOR107 16 Tombland Samson and hercules (replacements), original samson in Castle Museum (?) late 15 th century street range with 16th additions, II* for undercroft.

NFnrNOR110 Group of three monkeys, by Alex Johannsen

NFnrNOR111 Gates to play group, Jo Evans

NFnrNOR112 Wellington Lane, Memorial to St Benedict, Welded steel, 110 by 300 cms inscribed at bottom ‘ST BENEDICTUS ABBOT’fixed to west wall of Nat West bank, 108 St Benedicts, occupied by Nat West 27 October 1958

NFnrNOR113 Wensum Park, Gates, Sandys-Winsch, ca. 1925, II

NFnrNOR114 Bridge

NFnrNOR115 labyrinth, Jane Sunderland, June 2001

NFnrNOR116 Mask head in pond

NFnrNOR117 Westwick St, Site of Anchor Brewery, Anchor emblem of Bullards brewery, dated 1868

NFnrNOR118 Gibson’s Fountain, 1578

University of East Anglia

NFnrNOR119 Outside Sainsbury Centre, Two-piece Reclining Figure No.3 1961 by Henry Moore, on permanent loan from the Tate Trusties (H 147 cm)

NFnrNOR120 Henry Moore Reclining Figure 1956-62 (W 229 cm), acquired 1962

NFnrNOR121 Henry Moore Draped Reclining Woman 1957-8, signature under lower thigh: Moore 4/6. Acquired 1960

NFnrNOR122 Extrapolation, Liliane Lijn, 1982, moved from site of David Percival City Library to UEA library 1994

NFnrNOR123 Zig zag sculpture, between back of Library and Suffolk Terrace

NFnrNOR124 Sculpture outside music centre by John Hoskyn, given from estate by daughter, made for competition at Arnolfini Gallery, named ‘For Bristol’ (info from John Broadbent)

NFnrNOR125 Former Norfolk and Norwich Hospital, Bronze Plaque to William Fellowes of Shotesham, Founder of the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital in 1771, commemorating the a new outpatients department in honour of those who died in WW I, opened 1927

NFnrNOR126 Doorway of former weights and measures office, on Fire Station, Bethel street, by Stanley Livock, 1932-34

NfnrNOR127 Decorative pilasters on upper floor of Jarrolds, London and Exchange street, with names of authors published by Jarrolds, Skipper 1903

NFnrNOR129 Naff sculpture on doorways of St Peter Mancroft. To north Virgin and Child and St Peter, facing Haymarket Gabriel and Virgin Annunciate

NFnrNOR132 Orford Place, Burlington Buildings, II, 904 by J. Owen Bond, three pairs of carved female figures over windows of first floor

NFnrNOR133 Agricultural Hall Plain, Agricultural Hall (later Anglia House), 1882 J.B. Pearce, II mouldings over windows and door

NFnrNOR134 Chapelfield Garden, Angel of Light, Kevin Lee, 1999

NFnrNOR135 15 Surrey Street, lion-head railings. mid nineteenth century

NFnrNOR136 UEA, in front of ziggurats, Ian Tyson, 2006

NFnrNOR137 78 and 80 Connaught Road, Wheatsheaf and Bull’s head, over former baker and provision merchant, Kelly’s 1900, 293, Willam Hazell, Grocer and provision merchant (description in Jarrolds 1911, 142,) (here is maud street) no 78 Edwin Herbert Wilde, baker

NFnrNOR138 Administration block, former Norfolk and Norwich Hospital, architectural ornament

NFnrNOR139 Colegate, Martineau Memorial Hall, 1907

NFnrNOR140 140 Sprowston Road, Prince of Denmark, Relief of Prince of Denmark, commissioned Morgan’s Brewery, 1939, J. Moray- Smith, approx 4 by 3 metres, 1939 Hartley, Alec and Chapman, Spencer, JOHN MORAY-SMITH A very public artist, Ms, Norwich Society, 2006

NFnrNOR141 Old Bank of England Court, Queen St., Sign for Edward Boardman, Architect

NFnrNOR142 Thorpe Road, No 22 now Britannia Chambers, formerly Bewick House, built 1894 by A.F. Scott & Sons for Richard Dawson, a bookmaker, Costessey ware

NFnrNOR143 Mountergate, Hotel Nelson, Garden, Peter Blunsden

NFnrNOR144 Mountergate, Hotel Nelson, Garden, Gazing up River, Rosemary Cook, missing

NFnrNOR145 Architectural deco on Thorpe Rd Station

NFnrNOR146 Memorial to George Borrow

NFnrNOR147 Koblenz Plaque at side: Presented to the Lord Mayor/ on Thursday 2nd June/1986/By/the Runners from Koblenz/in celebration of/10th anniversary of Twinning. (add to db: Description Physical: The roundel shows a young man on a pedestal with water coming out of his mouth. It is based on the Schångel (beautiful young man) statue by Carl Burger set up in the centre of a fountain in front of Koblenz town hall in 1941).Description Iconographical: The setting on a round base echoes the bowl of the Koblenz fountain as does the position –in front of the Guildhall. Although well meaning in being presented by the runners of Koblenz a memento of this Nazi inspired celebration of Aryan youth seems unfortunate and may well explain why it is set so low.

NFnrNOR148 Symbol of Norwich, 68 London Street, corner of Ladbrokes, by Zielinski

NFnrNOR150 Plaque with bronze roundel on corner of Castle meadow and Opie street on Cozens-Hardy & Jewson, 66W by 150 H. roundel, 25 in diameter, Hubert Miller

NFnrNOR151 Rosary road: Stanley family monument

NFnrNOR152 Rosary road: John Barker bust and monument

NFnrNOR153 Rosary road: Hines family monument

NFnrNOR154 Mountergate: Beatrice Hoffman Seated wooden statue carved from tree trunk Parmentergate close, ca. 1996

NFnrNOR155 St Crispins: The Gap in Traffic, fence with poetic text by Les Bicknell

NFnrNOR156 Quayside: Les Bicknell 'Bales'

NFnrNOR157 St Giles no. 34 II RustiCated doorway with figure-head. Keystone imagesofengland notes that renovated in 20th century (Salvation Army Citadel, former use not known).

NFnrNOR158 Haymarket Wind in the willows bronze reliefs removed from fountain by Nick Deans 1990 (BOE I 321)

NFnrNOR159 Mousehold heath off Britannia Road memorial to R.H. Mottram with plaque identifying buildings by David Holgate

*NFnrNOR160 Earlham Millennium Green: 8' tall Dragon fly, 2000, by local artist Jamie Sargeant. At Earlham Millennium Green, owned by Norwich City Council and managed in partnership with the Norwich Fringe Countryside Management Project. Green Links and Riverside Walk in association with residential development: proposal developed 1993, realised in 2000. Adjoining the River Yare, near Earlham Church Map Ref - TG 189 085

NFnrNOR161 ?

NFnrNOR162 Low Ebb Bowthorpe Shopping Centre, Bronze H. 120 cms W. 1 metre L. 170 cms Neville Ward 1991 fnded by NCC and NIAD

NFnrNOR163 Entrance Marker Gildencroft, from St Augustine’s Street, Garry Breeze in association with Making Marks, 2006

NFnrNOR166 Eaton Road, City of Norwich School, St Martin’s Day out, Mark Goldsworthy, 2000

NFnrNOR167 Eaton Road, City of Norwich School, bronze of running boy

NFnrNOR168 Colegate, Tower over Water court, sculptural decoration n pediment, anchor with rope set on shield and surrounded by foliage, former Norvic factory built for Howlett and White (Norvic from 1923) by Edward Boardman in 1894 as addition to original factory on right of 1874

NFnrNOR169 LONDON STREET Nos. 45 to 51 (odd) (north side) Floral Panels and Keystone former National Provincial Bank (National Westminster Bank) GV II Bank. 1924 by F.C.R. Palmer and W.F.C Holden. Stone. Flat roof. Triangular corner site. Single storey with attic storey in London Street. 5 bays in London Street, 2 bays plus rounded corner bay and 5 bay later C20 extension in Bedford Street.

NFnrNOR173 ?

NFnrNOR177 16-20 Ber Street Semi-circular wooden pediment unloading barrels from ships

*NFnrNOR180 Hay Hill Brain a large eye, with granite seats and tables engraved with some of Brownes writings and phrases by Anne and Patrick Poirier incorporating the spirit of Sir Thomas Browne Cost £199,000 £148,000 grant from Arts Council £31,000 from City Council £20,000 from County Council The different elements are arranged following the quinconce or five shaped principle, one of the concepts Sir Thomas studied, with four pieces at each corner marking out a rectangle and another in the middle Pink and blue lighting aims to create a mystical effect at night Hay Hill third choice after the Forum and Market Place rejected by the Council EDP 08/02/07

NFnrNOR181 Duke Street, Eastern Electricity Building, Utopia (No-place) by Rory Macbeth

NFnrNOR182 Colegate Broads Authority

NFnrNOR183 Head 41a King Street

NFnrNOR184 Oriel window, Maddermarket, St John’s alley, west side (15/792) GV II Former Strangers Chapel, now theatre. Circa 1800 with C20 additions. Red and painted brick with 'Tudor' decoration. Oriel window and gable above right-side door.

NFnrNOR185 RAF Jaguar fighterplane from Coltishall, County Hall and Record Office, Spirit of Colt

NFnrNOR186 All Saints Green, Former Norwich Coop Storehouse, Roundel on Gable end with sunflow

NFnrNOR187 Coat of Arms, entrance to CNS, C.J. Brown

NFnrNOR188 ?