Marie-Noëlle Guillot, Lecturer in French


Director of Graduate Studies

Convenor MA in Communication and Language Studies


School of Language, Linguistics and Translation Studies, University of East Anglia, Norwich, NR4 7Tj

+44 (0) 1603 592136



Licence ès Lettres (English and Applied Linguistics), University of Strasbourg (Fr), 1977.

Maîtrise (Applied Linguistics), University of Strasbourg (Fr), 1979.

PhD (Applied Linguistics), University of East Anglia (UK), 1990.

Free-lance translation 1982-94

P/T teaching UEA 1982-94

P/T Senior Research Associate UEA1992-94

Lecturer in French UEA 1995-



Language and translation studies courses at undergraduate and postgraduate level, including aspects of the French language, oral and written composition, translation issues in the media, translation work experience, subtitling and dubbing, language issues in a global multilingual context, MA research methods. Organiser of the translation work-experience scheme at UEA, set up in collaboration with the Norfolk Museum Services and several other museums in the region and abroad. This innovative and challenging unit, first introduced as an undergraduate option on an experimental basis and now well-established at that level, is also offered at postgraduate level and has become an integral component of the LLT’s MA in Applied Translation Studies.



Main interests: discourse in interaction, cross-cultural and interlanguage pragmatics, advanced learner variety. Specific concerns include oral fluency, the object of a book published 1999, issues of non-nativeness and, now more marginally, the use of ICT in foreign language teaching/learning. My expertise in the analysis of verbal interactions and pragmatic development is currently being invested in a project involving contrastive studies of turn-taking and interruption patterns and strategies in multi-party oppositional talk, in samples of NS and NNS French and English representing various stages of acquisition. I am also interested in forms of verbal interactions and their translation across various media (e.g. dialogues in fiction and film), and have been researching multimodality in film subtitling.


Recent publications


1999    Fluency and its Teaching. Clevedon: Multilingual Matters.

2000    Changing Landscapes in Language and Language Pedagogy. London: AFLS/CiLT

            (with  M.-M. Kenning). 


Articles and chapters in books

2000    Un corpus électronique au service de l'apprentissage de la langue'. In T. Lewis & A. Rouxeville (eds) Technology and the Advanced Learner, London: AFLS/CiLT, 208-39.

2000    Text, orality, voice: mapping boundaries and metamorphoses'. In M.-N. Guillot & M.-M. Kenning (eds), Changing Landscapes in Language and Language Pedagogy, London: AFLS/CiLT, 1-25.

2002    Corpus-based work and discourse analysis in FL pedagogy: a reassessment. System 30, 15-32.

2005    Revisiting the debate on interruptions: from measurement to classification in the annotation of data for cross-cultural research. Pragmatics vol 15 no 1, 25-47.

2005    Il y a des gens qui disent que … Beyond grammatical accuracy in FL learners’ writing: issues of non-nativeness. International Review of Applied Linguistics (IrAL) 43 (2), 109-29.

2007    Oral et illusion d’oral : indices d’oralité dans les sous-titres de dialogues de film.

            MΣTA 52-2.

2007    (forthcoming)  Freedoms and constraints in semi-institutional television discussions: the case of mixed format panel discussions. Journal of Pragmatics.

200x    Aspects of pragmatic development in advanced L2: the case of oppositional talk: turn-initial NS and NNS mais and but  in contrast. Submitted Journal of French Language Studies.



2007      Corpus of oppositional multi-party verbal interactions in native and non-native French and English  (recordings and annotated transcriptions; 6 hours, 95.000 words). Lodged with FFLOC [French  Learner Language Oral Corpora];




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