Welcome to Jerry Goodenough's homepage. This site is still in the process of construction, but I hope to expand it considerably in the near future. It will then contain details of my philosophical work here at UEA and for other institutions, some samples of work in progress and an annotated list of links to a variety of sites of philosophical and other interests including the political and the sceptical. There will also be material put up especially for students on the various courses I teach here at UEA. I've started linking to these various sectors below.

[11 August 2007]


I came to philosophy and the academic life somewhat late in life, having originally worked for a living as a cashier, clerk, book-keeper, etc.. But I was introduced to philosophy in my thirties through my studies for a general humanities degree with The Open University where I wound up taking a first-class honours degree in philosophy and literature. I then moved on to a part-time MA course in philosophy at Birkbeck College in London, before coming to UEA in Norwich to take a doctorate in philosophy here, my thesis being on the topic of personal identity and the philosophy of Derek Parfit (though I could never have done all this without the aid of my good friends Paul & Janny!). I continue to work here, at present as a tutor in philosophy and Honorary Lecturer of the University, researching especially in the areas of personal identity and the philosophy of mind, and the philosophy of religion. In addition, I am also an associate lecturer at the Open University, teaching philosophy on their A211 Philosophy and the Human Condition and A103 Introduction to the Humanities courses. In between teaching and writing, I also do a number of publishing and refereeing jobs, and am joint editor of the UEA Papers In Philosophy . When not doing all this, I also have an amateur interest in scepticism and the paranormal, in American history, and in conspiracy theorising, in all of which areas I am trying to bring my philosophical skills and interests to bear. As this site progresses, it will include not only annotated lists of many of the links in each of these areas that I have found useful, but also some examples of my work, talks, papers, bits of work in progress, and so on.


A page of odds and ends for students of my Introduction to Philosophy course here at U.E.A.









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