Annual to Decadal Variability in Climate in Europe

ADVICE- Annual to Decadal Variability in Climate in Europe

The Project

There are two main goals of the project ADVICE. The first is to characterize as fully as possible the variability of climate over greater Europe, including Iceland, the Near East, and parts of North Africa, over the last 215 years. Historical instrumental data from greater Europe will be used to identify months with anomalous circulation between 1780 and 1860, and to reconstruct these months as daily-scale synoptic charts. ADVICE aims to characterize the "pre-industrial" climate variability, as a measure of the background noise of natural climate variability, against which any anthropogenic global change signal must be detected.

The second goal of ADVICE is to reconstruct climate during the Late Maunder Minimum (LMM), from 1675-1715, using documentary sources. The Late Maunder Minimum is a time of known climatic variability over Europe.

The project ADVICE is funded by the European Commission The Partners

The institutes involved in ADVICE are:

project coordinator: Dr. Evi Schuepbach, email

contact Vicky Slonosky, email, last updated 18/11/96.