Three-Dimensional Sediment Transport Measurements by Acoustics (TRIDISMA)



The study of sediment transport is receiving growing attention as the demands placed on the coastal zone increase.. Unfortunately, however, sediment transport in the marine environment is notoriously difficult to measure, yet it's quantification is fun damental to numerous practical applications, from assessing the stability of dredge spoil sites and harbour siltation, to understanding the morphodynamics associated with beach erosion and coastal protection.

With this in mind the TRIDISMA project was established with funding from the European Commission's 3rd Marine Science and Technology Program ( MAST III ) to pursue investigations into the applic ation of non-intrusive acoustic methods into the measurement of sediment resuspension processes.

The primary objective of TRIDISMA has been to develop and test a prototype acoustic instrument to measure sediment transport profiles in the bottom 1-2 m above the bed by simultaneously measuring profiles of the suspended sediment concentration, partic le size and the three components of the fluid velocity. The range and variety of flow and sediment concentration and size conditions which the new instrument will encounter will has been defined and the Coherent Doppler and Correlation techniques extended to encompass these flow regimes. Experimental studies have been undertaken with the aim of improving our understanding of the interaction of sound with suspensions of sediments in water, particularly with respect to (i) the variation of the backscatterin g form function with sediment size and shape, (ii) the attenuation of acoustic energy due to the presence of sediment in the water and (iii) the effects of multiple-scattering at high sediment concentrations. Laboratory and theoretical studies into the in teractions between sound and suspensions of sediments have also been conducted. The problem of multiple scattering and the effects of scatterer shape on the far field backscattering form function has also been investigated using both numerical models and laboratory measurements.

A program of trials of the prototype instrument was commenced in September 1997 in a laboratory wave tunnel and data is presently being evaluated whilst a fie ld deployment in conjunction with other flow measurement and sediment measuring equipment was undertaken in March 1998 at Sea Palling on the UK's North Norfolk Coast.

The hardware that has been developed during the project was constructed to collect the very high density data sets required in the research phase of the instrument development. Subsequent commercial exploitation is expected to use significant on-board signal processing, however, the extent and appropriateness of such processing will not be known until the TRIDISMA been has been completed). Studies have also be conducted into the transducer design to produce the appropriate beam shapes for (i) the flow measurement and (ii) for the sediment concentration and particle size.

TRIDISMA has drawn together European partners with wide and extensive experience in the design, construction and use of high-frequency acoustic backscatter instrumentation for measuring suspended sediment concentrations in the marine environment. The p artners come from Industrial, Research and Academic areas, indicating the wide appeal of this project. A number of partners in TRIDISMA have used acoustic instruments to make coastal, beach and estuary measurements of suspended sediment concentration or o f velocity, some of which were conducted under previous EU programmes. The industrial partners have an existing presence in the marine acoustic market and view this prototype intrument development as leading to new products helping to maintain the competi tiveness of European Industry in marine ultrasonics.

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Dr Chris Vincent

Dr Jonathan Taylor

University of East Anglia School of Environmental Sciences,
Norwich NR4 7TJ, U.K.
Tel. : +44 1603 59 25 29
Fax : +44 1603 50 77 19
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Delft Hydraulics
PO BOX 177,
2600 MH Delft,
Tel. : +31 15 58 9353
Fax : +31 15 61 9674
e-mail :
Principle Investigator Dr Arjen Schaafsma

Proudman Oceanographic Laboratories
Bidston Observatory, Birkenhead,
Merseyside L43 7RA, U.K.
Tel. : +44 151 653 8633
Fax : +44 151 653 6269
e-mail :
Principle Investigator Dr Peter Thorne,

Thompson Marconi Sonar

Route de Ste-Anne du Portzic
29601 Brest Cedex, France
Tel. : +33 98 31 3928
Fax : +33 98 31 3975
Principle Investigator Mr Marc Perennes

University of Bath
School of Physics
Claverton Down
Bath BA2 7AY
Tel. : +44 1225 826 826
Fax : +44 1225 826 110
e-mail :
Principle Investigator Dr Victor Humphrey

Les Alisiers, Route des Alisiers
Z.I. Les Trois Moulins
06600 Antibes, France
Tel. : +33 93 74 68 58
Fax : +33 93 74 33 14
Principle Investigator Dr Daniel Guyomar

Technical University of Denmark
Dept of Industrial Acoustics
Building 425
2800 Lyngby, Denmark
Tel. : +45 45 25 4766
Fax : +45 45 93 0190
Principle Investigator Prof Leif Bjorno


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