Publication List: S.H. Ashworth

This list is arranged in reverse chronological order. Some of the newer publications are available on the web. Click on the title to see further details.

  1. Generating Large Question Banks of Graded Questions with Tailored Feedback and its Effect on Student Performance.
  2. Resolved fluorescence spectra of NiH. Electronic structure, electronic energy transfer, and the Zeeman effect in low-lying states.
  3. The photochemistry and photophysics of a series of non-peripherally substituted zinc phthalocyanines
  4. Room-Temperature Metal-Hydride Discharge Source, with Observations on NiH and FeH
  5. Photochemistry of OIO: Laboratory study and atmospheric implications
  6. On the photochemistry of IONO2: absorption cross section (240 - 370  nm) and photolysis product yields at 248 nm
  7. The high resolution Fourier-transform chemiluminescence spectrum of the HS2 radical
  8. Variability of the mesospheric nightglow during the 2002 Leonid storms
  9. The observation of hot bands in the 288 nm system of the FeCl2 radical
  10. Rotational and vibrational structure in the 288 nm band system of the FeCl2 radical.
  11. Dispersed fluorescence spectroscopy of jet-cooled FeCl2: A determination of ground-state vibrational parameters.
  12. An experimental and theoretical study of the reactions OIO + NO and OIO + OH
  13. The absorption cross section and photochemistry of OIO
  14. Absolute absorption cross-section and photolysis rate of I2
  15. Sub-Doppler spectroscopy of the PH radical: hyperfine structure in the A3Π state.
  16. The detection of the electronic spectrum of FeCl2 in the gas phase.
  17. High resolution spectroscopy of the OIO radical: implications for the ozone-depleting potential of iodine in the marine boundary layer.
  18. An all solid-state single frequency optical parametric oscillator and its applications to the high resolution spectroscopy of free radicals.
  19. An injection seeded narrow bandwidth pulsed optical parametric oscillator and its application to the investigation of hyperfine structure in the PF radical.
  20. Light emitting diode (LED) polymerisation of dental composites: flexural properties and polymerisation efficiency.
  21. Depth of cure and compressive strength of dental composites cured with blue light emitting diodes (LEDs)
  22. Dental composite depth of cure with halogen and blue light emitting diode (LED) technology.
  23. Light emitting diode (LED) and halogen curing - Composite depth of cure.
  24. Composite compressive strength and light spectrum obtained with blue LEDs.
  25. Resonance Raman and Optical Dephasing Study of HITCI
  26. Interactive Raman spectra of adamantane, diamantane and diamond, and their relevance to diamond film deposition.
  27. Dispersed Fluorescence from the 460-nm Band System of NiCl2: Observation of a New, Low-Lying Electronic State.
  28. Resonance Raman and Optical Dephasing Study of Tricarbocyanine Dyes
  29. Laser induced fluorescence from CuCl2 produced in a molecular beam: high resolution Fourier transform spectra.
  30. Second–order nonlinearlities of polycrystalline molecular films studied on a 20 fs timescale.
  31. Vibronic excitations of large molecules in solution studied by two–color pump–probe experiments on the 20 fs time scale.
  32. Rotational analysis of bands in the 460 nm system of nickel dichloride produced in a free jet expansion: determination of the structure and electronic ground state of nickel dichloride.
  33. Generation of 16 fs pulses at 425 nm by extracavity frequency doubling of a modelocked Ti:Sapphire laser.
  34. Vibrational and vibronic dynamics of large molecules in solution studied on a 20 femtosecond time scale.
  35. The detection and analysis of the far–infrared laser magnetic resonance spectrum of the HS2 radical.
  36. Stabilization and precise calibration of a cw difference frequency spectrometer using a simple transfer cavity.
  37. High–resolution slit jet spectroscopy and vibrational dynamics of the degenerate DF stretching fundamental ν5 in (DF)3.
  38. On the structure of nickel dichloride.
  39. High power high efficiency difference frequency generation of 1.5 μm light in BBO.
  40. The far–infrared laser magnetic resonance spectrum of the SH radical.
  41. An atlas of optogalvanic transitions in Neon.
  42. The electric dipole moments of SeH and GeH in their ground 2Π states.
  43. Further observations of the 460 nm band system of nickel dichloride, cooled to lower temperatures in a free jet expansion.
  44. Vibrational analysis of the 460 nm band system of nickel dichloride produced in a free jet expansion.
  45. Structural properties of the SeH radical, determined by laser magnetic resonance at mid– and far–infrared wavelengths.
  46. Detection of the N3 free radical by laser magnetic resonance at 6.08 μm.