We offer an academically rigorous programme providing students with an enriching learning experience. Students select one of the academic modules offered, with each module following a common programme, allowing students to work in subject groups, as well as participate in social activities with all International Summer School students. Our modules have been developed specifically for this programme, condensing 20 UK credits (between 4-6 US credits or 10 ECTS credits) into 4 weeks.

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Students spend at least 40 hours during the programme attending classes, on field trips and in workshops, as well as time spent outside of the classroom reading, working in groups and preparing assignments. An important part of the UK academic study is independent learning, and preparatory reading may be required in advance of arrival. Delivery will be through a range of teaching methods, the majority being participative seminars, with the emphasis on interaction and hands-on learning during off-campus field trips. We operate in small group sizes due to the intense, short period of study to enable class discussion and support with academic staff and fellow students.