Basic Requirements

In order to be accepted to a degree course at the University of East Anglia, you must satisfy two requirements:

  • You must hold at least a grade C in GCSE Mathematics and English or a recognised equivalent (although please note that in exceptional cases the above may be waived)
  • You must satisfy the particular requirements for your degree programme (i.e. specified grades in acceptable qualifications)


A wide range of qualifications are acceptable.

Other Entry Requirements

Three other issues related to entry requirements may apply to prospective applicants.

UCAS Tariff

The majority of the University's admissions officers make their offers on a specified subject basis, but some departments may employ the new UCAS tariff to make points offers.
Where an offer is stated in terms of UCAS points, further qualification will usually be made, e.g. 300 points to include B in a science A-level.

Please visit the UCAS website for further information.

Advanced Extension Tests

The University believes that it is important to allow very able students to demonstrate their ability, and therefore recognises the value of Advanced Extension Tests.

However, we are aware that not all schools and colleges will be able to offer this level of examination in all subjects, and we will not therefore require students to offer Advanced Extension awards for University entry.

Key Skill Qualifications

Key Skills are an increasingly important part of both school and university education and accordingly all students are encouraged to develop these skills and evidence this on the UCAS application form.

Provision of Key Skills is not currently universal amongst schools and colleges, and so the University will not at this stage require Key Skills as a part of the general entrance requirement.

International Qualifications

Find out more about what country-specific qualifications you need to apply for courses at UEA by selecting your country on the International Students pages.