Offering comfort, convenience, and accessibility Offering comfort, convenience, and accessibility

UEA is fully committed to providing accommodation tailor-made for students with mobility impairments, allergies or breathing problems, hearing impairments and other individual needs.  We offer rooms which feature standard adaptations for wheelchair users, each fitted with a panic alarm, and a telephone (for internal or external calls), and a large wet-room with shower seat, handrails and an additional panic button.

Each wheelchair user will have individual requirements depending on their level of mobility, so it's essential to talk to the Disability Coordinator at the Student Support Service to make sure we allocate the most appropriate room, and implement any necessary adaptations before your arrival. 

Colman House (En Suite Campus) offers the best degree of comfort and convenience to wheelchair users, with its wide corridors and lobbies, and swipe-card entrance. Rooms feature extra power sockets and light switches and doors are fitted with a security spy-hole. You would share a standard kitchen with up to ten other students and we can make modifications to the kitchen to suit your needs. 

The adapted rooms in University Village (En Suite Village) and Orwell and Wolfson Close (Standard Single Campus), are more suited to occasional wheelchair users, or students with some mobility. The Village offers two large, well-adapted rooms in a 7-person flat. Orwell Close and Wolfson Close each have an adapted room in an 11-person flat. 

We have several rooms without carpets, for students who suffer from severe dust or wool allergies. We can also make adaptations to rooms for students with hearing impairments, so that they can be alerted to a fire alarm, or a visitor to their room. 

Other minor modifications to rooms and residences can be made according to your requirements – talk to the Disability Coordinator to discuss your needs.