University of Chile University of Chile

Why choose the University of Chile?

  1. Notable alumni of the university include two Nobel laureates and twenty Chilean presidents.
  2. Eloise Diaz Insunza attended the University of Chile and was the first woman in not only Chile, but the whole of South America, to attend university.
  3. There is an extensive network of bicycles throughout the city, but especially in the Providencia commune.


Quick Facts:

Location: Santiago, Chile

City Population: 6,310,000

University Population: 40,000

Climate: Santiago has a Mediterranean climate, characterised by dry summers and rainy winters.

Nearest Airport: Comodoro Arturo Benitez International Airport


The University of Chile is a public university founded in 1842 and is situated in the capital city of Santiago. It is the oldest university in Chile and one of the most prestigious in the region. According to the Times Higher Edication Rankings 2020, it is ranked 7th in Latin America and 801-1000th in the world.  The university has a rich history in academic, scientific and social outreach. It seeks to solve national and regional issues to contribute to the development of Chile. 

The University of Chile is organised into 14 faculties and four interdisciplinary instituties. A third of all scientific publications in the country are associated with the university. it has five campus that comprise more than 1.2 square miles. The Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism is based at the Andrés Bello Campus located in downtown Santiago and Providencia and hosts some of the most oldest and renowned buildings. 

Santiago has a downtown core of 19th century neoclassical architecture and winding side-streets, dotted by art deco, neo-gothic and other styles. The cityscape is shaped by several stand-alone hills and the fast flowing Mapucho River, lined by parks such as Parque Forestal. The Andes Mountains can be seen from most points in the city. The city outskirts are surrounded by vineyards to the west and ski resorts to the east. Santiago is situated within an hours drive of both the mountains and the Pacific Ocean.