Explore the archaeology of the "Friendly Invasion" Explore the archaeology of the "Friendly Invasion"

Module lead: Derwin Gregory

Accreditation: 20 UCU/10 ECTS

Level: Undergraduate level 5

During the twentieth century, the British landscape was transformed by a huge variety of military constructions. Pillboxes, airfields, coastal batteries, radar sites, bombing decoys, and air defence were all built to defend the country from attack. These sites hold a rich source of information about momentous episodes in British history.

During the first half of the course, students will be introduced to the discipline and methodological approaches of modern conflict archaeology. Using these skills, students will then examine indepth the archaeology of the ‘Friendly Invasion’. Participants will study a wide range of Second World War American military facilities in the UK including airfields and sites associated with D-Day.

Field trips may include:

Visits to The Imperial War Museum Duxford and sites of

The module outline will be released shortly.

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