Learn the secrets of the world’s most successful brands Learn the secrets of the world’s most successful brands

Academic lead: Usha Sundaram

Branding is the essence of creating a distinctive product or service that has market appeal and which consumers instantly recognize. Learn why the world’s most successful brands are so recognizable through how they are presented and advertised. Gain invaluable insights on the methods of marketing that work to connect brands with consumers and help propel sales through traditional media, like press and TV adverts, but also increasingly through digital marketing via the Internet.

This module provides the theory and practice of building and maintaining successful brands and communicating them to the target market, with hands on activities to understand how advertising campaigns are designed, developed and managed.


"It was the best experience I have ever had, I made so many great friendships, experienced so much of the culture, and most importantly, I had a quality education. I feel that I learnt more during my time in Norwich than the years I have spent in my undergrad studying business" Amy, Canada. Understanding Business 2012.

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