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UEA is a campus based university with a student population of 16,000 and is home to more than 4000 International and EU students from over 120 countries. You can meet our staff and students at various events around the world and in the UK. 

Brunei Student Ambassador

Hey Everyone! 

My name is Jie Chie Yong and I am currently an Undergraduate student studying BEng Energy Engineering with Environmental Management. I chose UEA for its excellence in my field, where it is ranked Top 10 in the UK. UEA is very environmental friendly and has many excellent modules related to my course and also outstanding environmental science and engineering facilities. Besides that, UEA itself is ranked 12th in the UK by the Complete University Guide 2018, which made UEA an undoubtable choice.  UEA itself is such a beautiful place to be in, from the lake stretching from one end to another to its astonishing green scenery and calming atmosphere. Coming so far away from home alone, it isn’t always easy, especially not for International Students.


UEA is a campus based university which promotes community between the students and this will allow you to meet new people and make friends. The UEA campus is easily accessible and very convenient, as it has everything you will need from banks to launderettes to cafes within a 5 min walk. Besides that, the library is 24/7 and it is open for catching up with deadlines and having study sessions either alone or with your friends as UEA provides room bookings with just a few clicks on your computer or even by phone! 

In terms of academics, I have learnt a lot throughout the course of a year. Before coming to UEA, I never thought that I could ever program a full working train and track system but I managed to do it in my first year. UEA has excellent teaching techniques including very hands on rather than just solid text book lectures which I believe will be an advantage to prepare me for the future. UEA has a great support system for students as each student is assigned an adviser whom will help you out with anything you need throughout the length of your course. 

UEA has a wide range of societies to be a part of ranging from different sports, interests and also culture. Joining societies is a good way to meet new people and also explore your interest. I am a member of the UEA Brunei Society and being in this society has allowed me to meet other students from my home country and this made me feel like I was at home even when in reality I was thousands of miles away. Furthermore, the Sportspark is a well-established sports centre with a well-equipped gym and high standard multipurpose courts. Drop in sessions for all sorts of sports such as Netball and Futsal are available every week which is very beneficial. 

The city of Norwich is such an extraordinary place. The city centre has the structures of Old England with a touch of Modern England. The city does not only offer modern structures such as restaurants and shopping malls, but also offers aspects of Old England such as the Norwich Castle which has been around for many decades. Other than that, Norwich is one of the safest cities in the UK and this is a prominent factor when choosing a University. 

UEA has a lot to offer and is a good choice to get new experiences and skills that will be needed to embark on journey for a successful future. I am glad that I made the decision to come to UEA as UEA and Norwich has been amazing to me for the past year and I am looking forward to what it holds for me in the near future.

If you have any questions about studying at UEA, please don't hesitate to email me at bruneistudents@uea.ac.uk or contact me via the Facebook link below.

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Student Stories Student Stories

Brunei: Karen - English Literature and Drama

Hey! I’m Karen Lee and I’m currently a third year English Literature and Drama student in UEA. I chose UEA for its excellence in my course. The drama course here is ranked second in the UK and the combined degree allows me to be flexible with my modules. 

When I first arrived UEA, it reminded me very much of Brunei with its green scenery and peaceful atmosphere. Norwich itself is an extremely safe city, in fact one of the safest city in the UK! Living in a safe place is definitely a standout point for me when it comes to choosing my university. UEA is a campus based university and hence all the different ‘schools’ are at one place. I prefer a campus university as I think it really promotes a sense of community as you’ll be able to meet students from other schools. In addition, everything you need for university is easily obtainable on campus ranging from stationery to laundry and meals.

UEA has a great support system for the students studying here. They have workshops every now and then to help with students struggling to write academic essays. At the same time, each student is assigned a tutor that will help with any problems. Not only that, the Teaching Office, Dean’ of Student’s office will all be able to help with students in need.

There is a plethora of societies that students can join in the university, from sports to cultural societies. I find that joining societies is a great way to meet more people and learn some new things. As a fitness enthusiast, I find that the Sportspark is a remarkable indoor sports centre with excellent facilities at hand such as the Olympic sized pool and a well-furnished gym.

In my first year, I stayed at a university accommodation which I fully recommend everyone to do so. Living on campus meant that it was extremely easy getting to classes. Going to university for the first time in a foreign country can feel very daunting to many and personally speaking, staying on campus and meeting other fellow first years will really ease the process of settling down. At the same time, being on campus meant that I didn’t have to deal with sorting out utilities bills like one normally would have to, if living off campus.

The city of Norwich is a great city to live in. Many indie cafes and shops line the alleyways of Norwich. I find that the city is a fusion of Old England and Modern England. The Norwich castle has been around since medieval times and the cathedral is over 900 years old. However, Norwich also has its share of modern malls and shops which makes it a great place to dine and shop as well as appreciate its rich history.

All in all, my two years in UEA has been amazing and already I am feeling sad that I only have a year left here. UEA and Norwich has a lot to offer to the students and I can’t imagine studying elsewhere.

Requirements Requirements

Admissions Requirements

Applicants from Chinese schools with one year post 'O' level qualifications will be considered for entry to the University's one year foundation course.

Holders of Cambridge 'A' levels and Brunei Matriculation Examination Certificate will be considered for direct admission to Bachelor degree courses.

Holders of the International Baccalaureate Diploma with a minimum 32 - 35 points, or 'A' levels obtained in Brunei, will be considered for direct admission to Bachelor degree programmes. Details of the required 'A' level subjects for each course and the grades required, can be found in the Undergraduate Prospectus.

Holders of BTEC validated diplomas from Institut Teknologi Brunei and other local colleges, will be considered for direct entry to Bachelor degree courses.

Holders of a good Honours degree will be considered for postgraduate study.

English Language Requirements

All applicants to the University of East Anglia must be able to demonstrate an acceptable level of English language before they can be admitted onto any course or programme.

The below are guidelines only.  Please be sure to check requirements for your specific course.


Test Score
IELTS* 6.5 overall with minimum of 6.0 in each component
PEARSON ACADEMIC (all components)* 62 overall with minimum of 55 in each component


*We also accept a wide range of other English language qualifications, as listed here

*Those not meeting the above English language requirements are encouraged to consider and English Language programme at INTO UEA in preparation for our degree courses.


Scholarships and Finance Scholarships and Finance

Fees and Funding

Fees 2020-21

For full details of overseas students fees and information on fee status please visit these Planning Office pages.

Please note that fees are reviewed annually and may be subject to small increases for any subsequent years of study.

Funding 2020-21

See our International Scholarships pages for details of non-region specific available funding opportunities.

International Undergraduate Scholarships

These scholarships are designed to reward applicants who have been offered a place to study with UEA and who can clearly and concisely explain how studying here at UEA will help them to make an outstanding contribution to their chosen field of study as well as the wider UEA community. 

All applicants to the scholarship will receive a minimum of a £2,000 first year tuition fee discount, whilst a large number of successful applicants will be upgraded to fee discounts of £4,000, £6,000 or £10,000 per year of study.

For terms and conditions and to apply, see our International Undergraduate Scholarships page.

Agents Agents


UEA works with partners around the world to promote our programmes and provide a service to students applying to the University.  These partners have been carefully selected and we provide regular training to ensure that UEA is accurately represented and that the applicant experience is good. If you are unhappy with an aspect of your applicant experience, please contact us.

Approved Agents

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