Attend at university summer school Attend at university summer school

What are you doing in the holidays?

Explore university with UEA's free residential Summer Schools.

We believe that attending university is the most important and possibly the most enjoyable thing you can do after school. If you haven't already decided to pursue a degree, maybe we can help to persuade you that this could be the way forward for you. Attend one of our Summer Schools and see for yourself.

Summer Schools Years 9-11 

Our Year 9-11 Summer Schools are overnight events filled with fun and informative sessions including academic tasters, sports workshops and social activities for students.

When are they?

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Year 11 Summer School 

12-14 July 2017

Year 9A & Year 9B Summer School 

24-25 July 2017 & 27-28 July 2017

Year 10A & Year 10B Summer Schools 

9-11 August 2017 & 23-25 August 2017

Please note that 2017 applications have now closed. Please come back early 2018 for further information on how to apply next year.

Due to high demand, we have two year 9 & 10 summer schools, the only difference are the dates! 

Who is it for?

Summer Schools are aimed at year 9, 10 & 11 students who would like to find out more about going to university. It's never too early to start thinking about your options after school.

Places are only open to students from schools in Norfolk and Suffolk. Priority will be given to students who come from communities with little experience or tradition of going to university. For example:

  • You are/were in care or;
  • You're are a young carer or;
  • You have a disability, mental health condition or specific learning difficulty or;
  • Not many people from your school or where you live go to university or;
  • You would be eligible for the full living cost loan amount if you went on to university (household income is under £20,000).

Information for teachers Information for teachers

If you're a teacher of pre-16 students please see our section on information on Summer Schools for teachers.

Download the Summer School Poster to display in school.

Download the Summer School Postcard for young people and their parents.

Download the digital screen to display in your school reception