School & College grant scheme School & College grant scheme

Support your male students by creating your own He Can We Can project 

This grant scheme aims to support the attainment, confidence and aspiration of young males to progress to higher education. Open to our 18 partner schools & colleges, grants of up to £2000 are available to support the delivery of projects to achieve one or more of the below objectives;

1.    Target based attainment raising activity in a specific subject or subject area Projects should be informed by gaps identified within your school/college


2.    Developing academic skills in preparation for HE (skills capital)


3.    Developing students' understanding by contextualising subject knowledge (intellectual capital)


4.    Supporting students ability to make informed decisions at GCSE, Post-16 study or HE study

The funding process 

25th February

Grant applications open


25th March

Applications close


28th March

Applicants notified of the outcome of their bids


W/C 1st April

Successful applicants to meet with monitoring & evaluation team- either via phone or on-campus

W/C 1st April

Payments made to successful applicants of 50% of project amount. Projects begin in schools (if they haven’t already)


8th July

Projects completed. End of project report to be submitted to UEA. Remaining 50% to be received upon receipt.

How to apply

To apply for funding, please complete an application form by 25th March 2019. For information on school & college eligibility, scoring criteria and example activities, please refer to our application guidance

Scoring & evaluation 

Bids will be reviewed by a panel of outreach staff based on the activities they intend to support, the core ojbectives of the project and how the interventions would be measured. Where possible, reference should be made to how key features of your project will meet the NERUPI framework for evaluation.Guidance on evaluation practices can be found below;

Office for students evaluation tools & guidance 

NERUPI Framework 


If you have any questions, or would like to discuss an application with a member of the outreach team, please get in touch with or call 01603 592914. 



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