Watch our Children's Christmas Lectures online Watch our Children's Christmas Lectures online

Watch our Christmas Lectures for Children online with these two talks filmed in front of an audience of enthusiastic children and their families.


Victoria's dustbin

What the Victorians threw away - and didn't want you to find!

Presented by Dr Tom Licence

Going through people's rubbish is a rather messy business, but if you really want to get to know someone, it's not a bad idea. Dr Tom Licence has learned all about the Victorians by digging up their rubbish. He has found out which toys their children played with, what animals they kept, the illnesses they suffered and even how they celebrated Christmas. In this lecture you will get right up close to the ordinary lives of our great great grandparents. The Victorians will never seem the same again.


Magical magma

What makes a volcano go boom?

Presented by Prof Jenni Barclay and Dr Richard Herd

Volcanoes can erupt as gigantic explosions or gentle-moving lava flows. So what is it that finally makes a volcano go boom? Join us as we travel deep below the earth's surface to discover different types of magma and learn about how they control volcanic eruptions. Along the way, we'll think about how scientists monitor what's going on from the earth's surface, with examples from volcanoes all around the world. With hands-on experiments, giant flubber flows and an explosive open air finale, it will be an event that goes off with a bang!


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