Supporting you on your path to a career in medicine Supporting you on your path to a career in medicine

All Medical Aspirations attendees will receive a guaranteed interview for medicine at the UEA – providing they meet the academic criteria for the course applied for. More information on the medical courses at the UEA can be found at

Medical Aspirations Scholarship

The University has received a generous donation from an alumnus to support future students wishing to study medicine at UEA through the Medical Aspirations Scholarship Programme. Students who have attended Medical Aspirations who go on to successfully gain a place to study medicine at UEA will be eligible for the scholarship. The purpose of the Scholarships is to enable students from non-traditional medical backgrounds to study for the MB/BS degree in Medicine.

The scholarship funding can be used towards living costs, rather than tuition fees, if preferred - or a combination of the two. 

For more information, please read the Scholarship Rules.