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Counting Fathers In - New Findings

New findings from CRCF study about men in child protection:

Counting Fathers In: Understanding Men’s Experiences of the Child Protection System
Executive Summary
Marian Brandon, Georgia Philip, John Clifton

1. Key messages
The purpose of the study is to improve policy and social work practice by addressing the knowledge gap about men in child protection, by focusing on men’s own perspectives.
The study challenges assumptions that men in child protection cases do not stay involved in children’s lives and always, or only, pose a risk of harm to their child. Most men in this study wanted to be part of their child’s life and presented as both a risk and a resource for their children.

…I am a father to my children and I know a lot of men, well I can see why they do it now as well, it is so much easier just to let the women get on with it and see your kids whenever but I am not like that, I want to be an influence in my children’s life (Kyle).

The wider context of men’s lives as fathers however, was rarely explored. We present the child protection process as a particular form of gatekeeping for men which may facilitate or inhibit their involvement with child protection and with their child. We also argue that the longstanding issue of ‘father engagement’ is better understood as an interactive, two-directional process, rather than a ‘problem’ with either men or social workers.

You can read more of the Executive Summary here