Gareth joined UEA in 2012, having previously studied at Bangor University, Wales. Here at UEA Gareth completed a PhD under the supervision of Dr Andrew Bayliss, investigating the social cognitive and attentional mechanisms involved in sharing attention with others. Gareth has also lectured and led seminars across a number of undergraduate modules, as well as being involved with a number of additional research projects. From January 2017 Gareth will be a Leverhulme Trust Post-doc here in the School of Psychology, UEA, working on the grant ‘Examining the mechanisms underpinning shared attention’.

All Publications

Stephenson, L. J., Edwards, S. G., Howard, E. E., Bayliss, A. P.


Eyes that bind us: Gaze leading induces an implicit sense of agency,

in Cognition


pp. 124–133

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(E-pub ahead of print)

Howard, E. E., Edwards, S. G., Bayliss, A. P.


Physical and mental effort disrupts the implicit sense of agency,

in Cognition


pp. 114–125

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Dalmaso, M., Edwards, G., Bayliss, A.


Re-encountering individuals who previously engaged in joint gaze modulates subsequent gaze cueing,

in Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition



pp. 271-284

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Edwards, G., Stephenson, L., Dalmaso, M., Bayliss, A.


Social orienting in gaze leading: A mechanism for shared attention,

in Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences



article no. 20151141

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Key Research Interests

Gareth is primarily interested in social-cognitive processing and attentional mechanisms involved in social contexts and interactions. These interests have led to investigations including how attention is distributed when our eye-gaze is followed, how our attention is impacted by those we (regularly) interact with, how gaze-based interactions change the way in which we process and perceive others, and individual differences in gaze-based behaviours.


Edwards, S. G., Stephenson, L. J., Dalmaso, M., & Bayliss, A. P. (2014, May). Poster session presentation at the European Society for Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience, Dortmund, Germany.

Edwards, S. G., Stephenson, L. J., Dalmaso, M., & Bayliss, A. P. (2014, June). Poster session presentation at UEA’ Workshop on Action & Perception, Norwich, UK.

Edwards, S. G., Stephenson, L. J., Dalmaso, M., & Bayliss, A. P. (2014, September). Poster session presentation at UCL’s Virtual Social Interaction Workshop, London, UK.


Teaching Interests

Gareth gave a guest talk at the faculty’s Introduction to Social Science Research Masters module.

Gareth has also given undergraduate seminars on PSYP2B17-13: 2013/4: PSYCHOLOGY: Cognition, Biology, Concepts & History, and PSY-4003Y-13: 2013/4: PSYCHOLOGY OF THE INDIVIDUAL: Development, Personality, Brain and Cognition.