Professor Kenny Coventry holds a Chair in Psychology, and is Head of the School of Psychology. He joined UEA in 2012 following posts at Dundee, Plymouth, and Northumbria Universities. He is a Chartered Psychologist (CPsychol), a Fellow of the British Psychological Society (FBPSsS), and a visiting Professor at Bremen and Freiburg Universities, where he collaborates with the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft SFB-TR8 Spatial Cognition Research Centre.


Key Research Interests

Professor Coventry’s main research interest is how different supposed ‘modules’ in the mind/brain map onto one another. This has been manifest in a long-standing interest in the relationship between language and the vision and action systems. A second main interest is how cognition and emotion interact in decision making under conditions of uncertainty (specifically during gambling). 

Current Grants

The Marie Curie Initial Training Network Lanpercept.
Value of Grant €4.15 Million
Project information

Indicative Publications

Coventry, K. R., Christophel, T., Fehr, T., Valdés-Conroy, B., & Herrmann, M. (2013). Multiple routes to mental animation: Language and functional relations drive motion processing for static images. Psychological Science, 24 (8), 1379-1388.
Coventry, K. R., Lynott, D., Cangelosi, A., Monrouxe, L., Joyce, D., & Richardson, D. C. (2010). Spatial language, visual attention, and perceptual simulation. Brain & Language, 112(3), 202-213.

Eshuis, R., Coventry, K. R., & Vulchanova, M. (2009). Predictive eye movements are driven by goals, not by the mirror neuron system. Psychological Science, 20(4), 438-440.

Coventry, K. R., Valdés, B., Castillo, A., & Guijarro-Fuentes, P. (2008). Language within your reach. Near-far perceptual space and spatial demonstratives. Cognition, 108, 889-895.

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Teaching Interests

Professor Coventry will be teaching on PSYP1B4Y Psychology of the Individual: Development, Personality, Brain and Cognition.

Key Responsibilities

Professor Coventry is Head of the School of Psychology.