Professor Kenny Coventry holds a Chair in Psychology, and is Head of the School of Psychology. He joined UEA in 2012 following posts at Dundee, Plymouth, and Northumbria Universities. He is a Chartered Psychologist (CPsychol), a Fellow of the British Psychological Society (FBPSsS), and recipient of the 2015 British Psychological Society Cognitive Prize.

Indicative Publications

Coventry, K. R., Griffiths, D., & Hamilton, C. J. (2014). Spatial demonstratives and perceptual space: Describing and remembering object location. Cognitive Psychology, 69, 46-70. 

Coventry, K. R., Christophel, T., Fehr, T., Valdés-Conroy, B., & Herrmann, M. (2013). Multiple routes to mental animation: Language and functional relations drive motion processing for static images. Psychological Science, 24 (8), 1379-138.

Coventry, K. R., Valdés, B., Castillo, A., & Guijarro-Fuentes, P. (2008). Language within your reach. Near-far perceptual space and spatial demonstratives. Cognition, 108, 889-895.

Coventry, K. R., & Garrod, S. C. (2004). Saying, Seeing and Acting. The psychological semantics of spatial prepositions. Psychology Press, Taylor & Francis: Hove and New York.

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Key Research Interests

Professor Coventry’s main research interest is how different supposed ‘modules’ in the mind/brain map onto one another. This has been manifest in a long-standing interest in the relationship between language and the vision and action systems. A second main interest is how cognition and emotion interact in decision making under conditions of uncertainty (specifically during gambling). 

Current Grants

Coordinator, Marie Sklodowska-Curie European Training Network Deictic Communication (DCOMM) (2016-20). €3.46 Million. 

PI, Marie Curie Initial Training Network Lanpercept (2012-16). €4.15 Million. 

Project information

Teaching Interests

Professor Coventry contributes to MSc Cognitive Neuroscience; PSY-4003Y Psychology of the Individual:  Development, Personality, Brain and Cognition

Key Responsibilities

Professor Coventry is Head of the School of Psychology.