My BSc in ‘Coaching Science’ began at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand before graduating with a 1st class honours from Cardiff Metropolitan University in 2012. Alongside my undergraduate education I was actively engaged in coaching, teaching, sports development and developing business initiatives. Through these diverse surroundings and mixed education I became interested in the social dimensions of learning environments and the people within them. This growing curiosity led me to further develop my social science research capabilities at the University of East Anglia. My masters thesis continued to explore the relationship between social structures and learners within the context of vocational education. In 2013 I completed a MRes in ‘Social Science Research Methods’, achieving a distinction. In this interdisciplinary course I attained credits from three schools within the faculty of social science, providing me with experience in a broad range of methodologies.


Now I am undertaking a PhD and continue to specialise in educational research. My current research is focused on the transitions of BTEC students between educational contexts (further/higher education) and employment. The working title is:


Moments of vocational transitions: the corporeal and transitional processes that mediate the futures of performing arts and sport students. 


This work may most accurately be located in the sociology of education. However, my academic engagement illustrates a desire to cross both disciplinary and subject boarders. Narrowed from a wide range of interests my main expertise include: 


Vocational Education 

Student Transitions (Transitional Processes)

Sporting/Performance Cultures 

Embodied Sociology

The Body in Social Theory 



Selected work can be found on:


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Barker, E., Bailey, J.


There’s more to coaching than the context: a Bourdieusian account of an embodied athlete,

in Sports Coaching Review



pp. 41-57

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