Carmen completed her BSc Psychology degree at Bangor University, Wales in 2011. Carmen decided to return to education in 2013, having been awarded a School of Psychology Studentship to study the MRes in Social Science Research at UEA. Her masters research focused on the development of visual perception, particularly concerning object familiarity and size constancy. 

In 2014, Carmen was awarded a PhD studentship to continue studying at UEA. She plans to expand on her Masters research, under the supervision of Dr Irene Sperandio.

All Publications

Fisher, C., Sperandio, I.


Familiar size effects on reaction time: When congruent is better,

in Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance

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(E-pub ahead of print)

Key Research Interests

Carmen's general research question this year is: does object size perception occur in the early stages of visual processing and how does this ability develop with age? The participant groups she is interested in are adults and children. In particular, Carmen is interested in the development of children aged 4-13 years old, as currently little is known about size perception in this age group.