Amezan Mohamad graduated with a Bachelor of Health Administration with Honours (First Class) at the Universiti Teknologi Mara, Malaysia in 2009. Passionate to become an academic, he obtained his first teaching experience at a private college as a junior lecturer for 2 years after graduating from his first degree. In 2011, he joined Universiti Malaysia Kelantan, one of the public universities in Malaysia as an academic tutor where he was offered a scholarship from the Malaysia Ministry of Education to pursue his master’s degree. He obtained a Master in Business Administration, majoring in Healthcare Management from the Malaysia University of Technology in 2013. His master’s dissertation is about health literacy, self-efficacy and health information to make informed health related decisions. Upon graduating, he returned to the university and continue working as an academic tutor at the Healthcare Department. Currently, he is on study leave for three years to pursue his PhD here at UEA.

He began his PhD at UEA in April 2014 after receiving a further scholarship from the Malaysia Ministry of Education. His PhD research extends his master’s dissertation.

Key Research Interests

Amezan’s research interest is on health literacy among patients with chronic conditions. Currently, he is researching self-care empowerment among type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) patients with emphasis on health literacy enhancement. His research will involve two stages. The first stage is generating data for the level of health literacy among participants, as there is no national dataset on this element.  The second stage is collecting data from an in-depth interview process. He will look at how the level of health literacy could possibly hinder or promote self-care among the T2DM patients. This research also look at intrinsic and extrinsic factors associated with health literacy and how these factors play roles in enhancing the health literacy and subsequently empower the patient with better self-care of their conditions. From the findings, there will be interventions proposed for the betterment of managing the chronic conditions in the future.

The proposed working title for the research is “Empowering self-care among type 2 diabetes mellitus in Malaysia through an enhanced functional health literacy”. The primary supervisor is Professor Jacqueline Collier.