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UEA Engagement Awards

Each year, the UEA Engagement awards recognises those who have performed particularly effectively with their public engagement work over the year. We are delighted to announce that this year Psychology has two winners, both for the category of 'Project Awards'.


Dr Louise Ewing

In January-February 2017, Louise Ewing coordinated a 6-week residency at the Science Museum in London as part of the Museum’s “Live Science” public engagement program. Louise recruited a team of eleven other researcher and volunteers: lecturers, undergraduate and postgraduate students for the residency. The group’s “Are you a face expert?” display offered the screening of a short video explaining classic face perception phenomena and a range of hands-on activities for all ages including quizzes and a “selfie station” as well as several computers running experiments testing how individual differences in people’s social interest relate to their face expertise. In all 2,500 people took part – aged from 4 to 81 years. The data results have already led to the submission of three abstracts to the European conference on Visual Perception taking place August 2017. Louise is participating in the second Norwich Science Festival in October 2017.


Dr Nicholas Walsh

Nicholas Walsh created the Norwich Psychology Meetup group in February 2016. He began the group to engage with local, non-UEA members of the public with an interest in psychology. The group has grown to 300+ members. Before each monthly meetup, Nicholas will pose a topic of discussion, often contentious, along with some background preparatory material. The group will discuss for around two hours. The group membership is diverse and includes those with prior involvement in psychology – e.g. life coaches and clinical psychologists, as well as those with no knowledge of the subject merely curious to learn more. Nicholas makes use of social media to engage and further develop the group’s relationships. Visitors to the Meetup website can sign up for various different advertised groups. All visitors are given the opportunity to feedback and this has proven fruitful. Topics covered to date include personal development and environmental psychology. Discussions have informed Nicholas’ teaching practice and he also makes use of the group to “road test” teaching ideas. Nicholas is keen to link the group with other psychology-related groups and events and has already contributed to the “Pint of Science Festival” in May 2017.