Karen: example of availability - helping a child to trust. http://youtu.be/26wrtcfJkzU

Dolores and Morris: example of family membership - helping a child to belong. http://youtu.be/18YoQN4XMe4

John 1: example of acceptance - building self esteem. http://youtu.be/MBmp2-y6zKs

John 2: example of family membership - belonging to a foster family. http://youtu.be/0cPcTB-yj1s

Linda and Sam: example of sensitivity - helping a child to manage feelings and behaviour. http://youtu.be/2vZYmiVxJqw

Vanessa: example of co-operation - helping a child to feel effective, and be co-operative. http://youtu.be/ltCzGKsybzs