International studies International studies

We have introduced an exciting programme of international studies in Paris, Brussels, Kortrijk in Flanders, and Geneva to:

  • enhance classroom study with tours, visits and in situ teaching in centres of international governance with a significant presence of international organisations, non-governmental bodies and media;
  • raise awareness of opportunities for employment at the international level, opening horizons, networking with officials, politicians and UEA alumni working at the international level, and by developing employability skills.

The Programme has several strands, each relevant to different degree courses, and Certificates of Successful Completion are awarded.

Internships Internships

We run a range of internships with local councils, Members of Parliament, the Civil Service and third sector organisations such as the British Red Cross. Financial support towards travel costs is provided by the School.

Internships in Brussels are typically one month long. Financial support towards travel and living costs is provided by the School.

Research Research

Our research active staff are involved in a wide variety of projects including the Centre for Research in European Studies (CREST).

Launched in 1997, CREST is open to full and part-time faculty in various Schools in the University with research interests in the area of Contemporary European Affairs.

The aim of the Centre is to promote research in contemporary European affairs, primarily in connection with the European Union, and by undertaking a variety of academic activities and establishing regional, national, and international links with other academics, policy-makers, politicians, and representatives of the media and the business world.

These include informal exchanges of ideas, joint research projects and publications, and seminars inviting outside specialists as well as research students and staff to participate.